Espoo Finland

While Espoo Finland is officially part of the greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area, it is nonetheless its own city. And a relatively large Finnish city it is at that. With some 240,000 citizens, it is the second-largest city in Finland after Helsinki, and it makes for a great base for those visiting the southern part of the country. Day trips to nearby Helsinki are always an option for those who enjoy a vacation to Espoo, and there are some great Espoo tourism attractions that are worth some of your time too.

A culturally-rich metropolis that manages to keep a relaxed profile, Espoo Finland is a popular place to reside for some of the country’s wealthiest citizens. You may be interested to know that the Nokia Corporation has its headquarters here. An internationally-recognized communications leader, Nokia is Finland’s largest company, and it is considered by most Finns to be the nation’s premier employer and overall brand. While some of Espoo’s residents work at Nokia, many others work in the adjacent capital of Helsinki, and the two cities are closely linked. It only takes about fifteen minutes to get to Helsinki from Espoo by bus or train, meaning that trips back and forth are a relative breeze. There aren’t as many choices for Espoo hotels as there are for Helsinki hotels, but budget travelers will be happy to hear that on average, the hotels in Espoo are cheaper than they are in Helsinki. Come summer, however, they often fill up fast, so be sure to book ahead when possible. Other relatively close cities worth visiting on day trips during Espoo vacations are Tampere and Turku.

Whether you are enjoying an extended vacation to Espoo, or are merely visiting for a day or two to get a glimpse of what Espoo travel has to offer, one of the main Espoo tourism pursuits involves exploring the garden city of Tapiola. A well-groomed Espoo community known for its attractive gardens, its architecture, its shopping centers, its schools, and its churches, Tapiola is certainly a part of the city where you can easily spend a few hours. For those visiting Espoo Finland in the warm summer months, a visit to the Serena Water Park is another good place for which to allocate some of your Espoo travel time. One of the best water parks in all of Europe, the Serena Water Park offers numerous pools, lazy rivers, Jacuzzis, and some very zippy water slides.

For those looking to spend some of their Espoo travel time in the great outdoors hiking some trails and taking in natural sights, Nuuksio National Park is a wonderful place to check out during a vacation to Espoo. One of more than 30 Finland national parks, Nuuksio can easily be reached from both Espoo and Helsinki using public transportation, and in addition to hiking here, visitors can also do some camping in the warmer months and enjoy some cross-country skiing come winter. For those who like added comfort when lodging in the wilderness, there are cabins for rent in the Wild North section of Nuuksio National Park. Keep your eyes peeled for some Siberian flying squirrels when exploring Nuuksio, as they are the park’s official emblem.

Not far from the city center of Espoo Finland is Marketta Park, which is a delightful free attraction that tourists can include in a vacation to Espoo. A large garden exposition center that is open year round, it boasts landscaped gardens, fountains, ponds, playground areas, and more. Back in the Tapiola district, those looking to fit in some cultural events during their Espoo trip can see what’s on tap at the Cultural Centre. You can find the Cultural Centre right next to the Keskustorni Tower, which is Espoo’s most recognizable landmark. In addition to jazz concerts and performances by the Espoo city orchestra, the Cultural Centre also hosts theatrical events and various music festivals. Speaking of festivals, those traveling to Espoo Finland in late June can try to catch the Midsummer Festival, which attracts crowds who come in part to gaze at the annual bonfire of Seurasaari.

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