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Even if you just remotely enjoy fishing, then you will appreciate the myriad of Finnish fishing possibilities. From the Finnish archipelago on up to the northern Lapland region, the clean waters of Finland are fishing havens, and even though most fisherman will prefer fishing in Finland in the warmer months, ice-fishing is possible in the winter. As such, you can angle to your heart’s content regardless of when you visit. Fly fishing Finland waters is another kind of fishing that you can do in Finland, and the fishing scene here is a complete one. Whether you pack rod and reel or rent equipment once you get to Finland, you’ll enjoy quality fishing that is pretty much as good as it gets.

Before you go fishing in Finland, you will want to familiarize yourself with the legalities of it all. As is customary in many countries around the world, Finland requires that people who want to fish must get a license. The fee for a "fishing card," as it’s known, is reasonable, and you can either buy a full month’s pass or a cheaper one that is good for seven days. Once you have obtained your Finland fishing card, which you can buy at just about any Finnish bank or post office, you will also have to purchase a separate local permit for the waters that you intend to fish. Some of the Finnish fishing sites are privately-owned, while others fall under the domain of the Forest and Park Service. If you’re not sure what exactly is required of you when looking to go fishing in Finland, it’s always a good idea to inquire at a local sports, hardware, or tackle and bait shop. Other local shops and area restaurants and hotels can also usually fill you in on all you’ll need to know.

Finland is a country that is very much defined by water, which is why Finnish fishing presents such an abundance of opportunities. Off the southern coast of Finland, the Finnish archipelago is a great place to enjoy Finland fishing in the summer. It’s easy to arrange a fishing charter when visiting the southern coast and the Finnish archipelago, and having a guide that can help you find all the right spots is worth considering. Guided Finland fishing trips can also be arranged in other parts of the country, so you can always choose to go that route if you please. As for fishing in the Finnish archipelago, among the top destinations are the Aland Islands. The Baltic Sea is rich in pike, perch, sea trout, salmon, and whitefish, so as one might imagine, fishermen flock here.

In addition to enjoying fishing cruises on the Baltic Sea, those looking to do some Finland fishing can also hop on a boat to troll the waters of one of the country’s numerous lakes. The central and southern parts of the country are most ideal for lake fishing, and you can book trolling tours that are generally offered between May and the early fall months. Lake Saimaa, which is found in southeastern Finland, is an ideal lake where you can enjoy salmon, trout, and pike perch trolling trips. Trolling is just one kind of fishing that you can do in Finland, and it basically involves cruising along at a slow rate, stopping at a number of points to see what the waters have to offer up. Lake Saimaa is just one of the many Finland fishing lakes that can be easily reached from Helsinki, Kuopio, and Tampere.

Speaking of Tampere, it is just one of the ideal cities to base yourself in when planning to do some Finnish fishing. Many anglers who visit Tampere come to fish the Vilppulankoski Rapids, which are ideal for fly fishing Finland adventures. The usual catches here include rainbow trout, brown trout, and grayling. The lakes and rivers in the Tampere region are perfect for fly-fishing safaris, which can be booked in the warmer months. These safaris are fly fishing Finland favorites, and involve touring around the region, hitting various lakes and streams as you go. After a day of fishing in Finland, cooking up your catch of the day is a truly rewarding experience. When you book a Finnish fishing safari or general day trip, you will usually have the option to cook some or all of the fish you catch, most often over an open fire.

In addition to fishing the Baltic Sea and the lakes and rivers in southern and central Finland, you can also head up to the northern Lapland region, which is the most sparsely-populated part of the country. Lapland is known for its salmon-rich rivers, and as for the scenery, it is arguably the best in the country, so even if you’re not catching anything, you can admire the surrounding wilderness. The southern and western reaches of Lapland are arguably the best places to fish in the region, and there are three main rivers here that make their way to the Gulf of Bothnia, which is effectively the northern arm of the Baltic Sea. In addition to the rivers here, there are also ponds, clear lakes, and rolling brooks. The main fishing river in Lapland is the Kemijoki, and you can find fishing lodges close to it. In addition to salmon in Lapland, trout and grayling are often caught when fishing Lapland rivers like the Kemijoki.

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