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There are some 100 golf courses in Finland, and while Finnish golf is something that you may have never considered before, this Nordic country is a true golfer’s delight. Come midsummer in Finland, twenty-one hours of sunlight each day mean that you can tee off well into the night, which is an unforgettable experience, and long days are just one of the perks of golf in Finland. The sixth largest country in Europe, Finland has just over 5 million citizens, which means that the country is wide open. And, since relatively few Finns have taken up golf, you won’t usually find yourself rushing through your round to accommodate other groups. Toss in the beautiful and varying Finnish terrain, and golf in Finland only gets better and better. Whether you book your next golf vacation in Finland or simply opt to fit in just one round on the side, you’re bound to find yourself praising the merits of Finnish golf long after you return home.

The secret that still is Finnish golf is starting to get out, which is both good and bad. It’s good because golfers around the world deserve to know about golf in Finland, and bad because as word gets out, it only means more crowded courses. There is little reason to worry for now, however, as the golf courses in Finland are many and the amount of golfers low. There is a Finnish Golf Union that helps to manage the quality of Finnish golf, and more than 60,000 Finns are members of it. The capital city of Helsinki is where a good amount of Finnish golfers reside, and it’s also arguably the best Finnish golf destination. Some of the best golf courses in Finland are in or near Helsinki, and the capital also boasts some of the best museums and cathedrals in Finland, so when you’re not teeing it up, you can enjoy some great sightseeing opportunities. Golf in Finland is a joy wherever you find yourself in the country, however, so you should definitely not limit yourself to the Helsinki area when planning your Finland golf getaway.

For golfing enthusiasts, the Finland vacation packages that include golf are worth looking into, as they are convenient and will take you to some of the best golf courses in Finland. You can always head out on your own as well once you’ve found some courses here that interests you. There are too many good golf courses in Finland to recommend, so suffice it to say that you will essentially have the pick of the litter. As mentioned, the golf courses in and around Helsinki are among the best in the country. The Helsinki Golf Club is just one Helsinki area golf courses that you will want to consider playing. Found in Tali Manor Park, the Helsinki Golf Club was founded in 1932, so golf in Finland is not exactly a new thing. Easily one of the more prestigious golf courses in Finland, the Helsinki Golf Club is just a few miles outside of the city center. The 18-hole, par-71 course at the Helsinki Golf Club has been the setting for more Finland golf championships than any other course in the country.

Another top golf course near Helsinki is found in the adjacent city of Espoo. The Espoo Golf Club offers up its own 18-hole championship course, and in addition to a restaurant, a pro shop, and locker rooms, the club also offers guests a sauna to enjoy after their round. Finnish saunas are certainly good places to relax after your round, especially if you didn’t play your best. Often times, not playing your best only fuels some golfers to play more, and after you’ve enjoyed the experiences at the Helsinki Golf Club and the Espoo Golf Club, you might head 60 miles north to see what the new Linna Golf Course has to offer. Much like golf courses that you will find in parts of Michigan, the Linna Golf Course is set in a birch and pine forest, which only helps to make it more alluring than it already is. There aren’t many true golf resorts in Finland, but you can stay onsite at the rather luxurious Vanajan Linna Hotel when enjoying the experience at Linna. In addition to cozy rooms, the Vanajan Linna Hotel also offers some fine cottages that provide added space and privacy.

As mentioned, there are too many golf courses in Finland to list. There are plenty of good ones to choose from across the country, whether you are in the southern reaches or the northern Lapland region. Some of the ski resorts in Finland are also good summertime destinations for golfers, and at the popular resort in Levi, golf replaces skiing as a prime pursuit come summer. For an equally good experience, those looking to enjoy golf in Finland will also want to consider the Green Zone Golf Course. You can play winter golf at the Green Zone Golf Course if you really want to, but as in the rest of the country, May thru September are the best months to a round here. Interestingly enough, the Green Zone Golf Course has 9 of its holes in Finland and the other 9 in Sweden. Play this course, and you can brag for the rest of your life about how your drove a ball so far that it ended up in another country.

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