Holiday Packages to Finland

Holidays to Finland have something for everyone, and since there is such a wide variety of things to do in Finland, filling the itinerary won’t be hard. Whether you are here in winter or prefer to visit during the warmer summer months, Finland’s beautiful landscape will impress, and there are many different ways to take it all in. Complementing the attractive terrain here are Finnish cities where you can admire the architecture, shop until you drop, or see what the local restaurants have on the menu. Speaking of what’s on the menu, on Lapland holidays you can sample sauteed reindeer, and when perusing the goods in the Oulu Marketplace you might fancy some Kalakukko, which consists of a rye bread shell that is stuffed with pork, fish, and bacon before being baked. Trying new dishes is just one of the joys of holidays to Finland, so start looking for holiday packages to Finland today and see for yourself all that this efficient and friendly Nordic country has to offer.

Holiday packages to Finland come in many shapes and sizes, and it is always worth researching them, not only because they are rather convenient, but also because they can most likely help you save some money on the side. For those who find themselves with little time to plan a Finland holiday, booking holiday packages to Finland takes care of most of the work for you. You can choose a package, for example, that includes your flight, your accommodations, your transportation once you arrive, and even some fun Finland tours. Once you pay for your Finland holiday package, all you will be required to do is show up for your plane, train, or bus connections, though if you prefer to drive, they do so on the right side of the road here, which might take some getting used to for those coming from the UK. Holiday packages to Finland are popular not only because they are convenient and often include discounts, but also because they feature some of the top things to see and do in Finland.

Finland, and all of Scandinavia for that matter, is a relatively expensive travel destination, though as the country makes a push to increase tourism, prices are coming down. Cheap holidays in Finland are possible, however, and for starters, you can choose to forego the more expensive Finland hotels and opt instead to stay at the Finland hostels and pensions. Also, there are plenty of good campsites in Finland, and you will pay less for a cottage or cabin rental while camping then you will for a standard hotel room. Another way to go about arranging cheap holidays in Finland involves traveling outside of the peak season, which is summer. Of course, summertime in Finland is the best time to enjoy the outdoors, and it is also the season for festivals, so it might be hard to pass up. Late spring and early fall are also good times to enjoy things like fishing and hiking, and you can often find cheaper flights during both seasons. Of course, bundling things like your flight, your accommodations, and your ground transportation with the aforementioned holiday packages is often the best way to secure cheap holidays in Finland. Travel companies reward customers with discounts when they pay for package deals up front, as you are effectively buying in bulk.

Finland is Europe’s sixth largest country, though there are only some 5.2 million people that live here. That’s some 2 million people shy of the greater London urban area. What this means is that there is plenty of open space and wilderness to explore here. A relatively quiet country Finland is, though the secret of Finland travel is starting to get out. Finland golf is better than you may suspect, the Finnish food more savory than you likely imagined, and the Finnish people are friendly, and word is getting out. The Finnish archipelago in the south is a paradise for boaters in the summertime, and when enjoying Lapland holidays in the winter, you can experience the thrill of dogsledding tours and the Finnish Northern Lights. These ideas for things to do on holidays to Finland are just the tip of the iceberg, and don’t forget to try the Finnish saunas when here. A way of life for Finns, saunas promote well-being, and you can even enjoy a private one in your hotel room, which is a recommended way to go.

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