Kuopio Finland

Kuopio Finland has around 90,000 residents and is the eighth largest city in the country. While its city center is densely populated and rather busy, Kuopio’s surrounding area offers numerous opportunities to escape the bustle and find some relaxation. Thousands of lakes and numerous forested hills characterize the Kuopio region, making it quite a scenic destination, and all those engaging in Kuopio travel are encouraged to climb the renowned Puijo Tower for some impressive area views. You’ll be able to truly appreciate the network of blue lakes and green islands that make up the surrounding region when you ascend to the top of Puijo Tower, and the hill on which it stands is a superb recreational area to boot.

When you’re not enjoying the outdoors or climbing Puijo Tower on Kuopio vacations, there are some interesting attractions back in town worth including on your itinerary, and by all means you’ll have to try Kalakukko while you’re here. A Finnish food delicacy, Kalakukko consists of a mostly rye bread shell that is not only stuffed with fish before baking, but also pork and bacon. One of the best places in Kuopio Finland to buy some Kakakukko is in the Kuopio Marketplace, which is a joy to explore. You can sample a small piece before you buy a whole loaf to see how you like it. More traditional dishes can be enjoyed at some of the local restaurants, and Kuopio also boasts a fair amount of cafes where you can grab a bite to eat and a beverage. Stopping for a meal or a drink while shopping in downtown Kuopio is part of the joy of exploring town, and while you’re shopping, you might focus on the local handicrafts and other regional products. In addition to the Marketplace, some good shopping can be had in the Market Hall as well.

Good shopping and agreeable restaurants are just part of the deal when it comes to all that Kuopio travel has to offer, and as mentioned, the city is a great recreational destination. Come summertime, boating on the lakes is one of the top activities, as is fishing as you might expect. For those without their own boats, there are plenty of cruises available that you can book in Kuopio Finland during the warmer months, and you might even fancy a dinner cruise with that special someone. Back on Pujio hill, hiking is always an option for those looking to enjoy the outdoors, and if you want to save your energy for other things, you can do some sightseeing from the back of a horse or while steering an off-road vehicle. In addition to fishing and hiking, those taking Kuopio vacations in the summer can also hit some good Finnish golf courses. Puijo Hill has a 9-hole, par-3 course, and there are other golf clubs in the area that offer 18-hole stretches, such as the Tahko Golf Club in nearby Nilsia, which actually boasts two great 18-hole courses.

Summer might be the busiest Kuopio tourism season, but that doesn’t mean that winter is a bad time to visit. Renting a snowmobile to explore the countryside is a blast, and if you want a really good workout, you can always engage in some calorie-busting cross-country skiing. For those who want to do some downhill skiing in Finland, nearby ski resorts like Tahko and Kasurila offer some good runs. Ice skating and ice fishing are also fun things to do on wintertime Kuopio vacations, and you can even enter yourself in the Finland Ice Marathon if you visit in late February. Come early March, the Ski Jumping World Cup is held in Kuopio, which is one of the city’s top events, and regardless of what month you visit, it’s a good idea to see if any events or festivals in Kuopio coincide with your trip, as they can add extra substance to your trip.

One of the most renowned festivals in Kuopio takes place in June, and it is the Kuopio Dance Festival. During the week of the Kuopio Dance Festival, hundreds of different dance performances take place in the city, and you will even find some of the city’s cruises and nightclubs sharing the festival’s theme. Not only can you witness traditional dances from Finnish regions such as Lapland at the Kuopio Dance Festival, but you’ll also be able to enjoy international artists from such countries as Spain and Norway. Other festivals in Kuopio include the June Wine Festival, the August Savo-Bavarian Beer Festival, and the city orchestra’s May Day Concert, which appropriately takes place in May. Should you engage in Kuopio travel during a festival or in the peak summer season, it’s always a good idea to book your stay at one of the Kuopio hotels in advance when possible.

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