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Lapland Finland is both the largest and northernmost province in Finland, and it is also the least populated. For those who want to escape to the wilderness during their Finland vacation, Lapland is arguably the best place to go, but just be sure to bring some warm clothes. It rarely tops 50 degrees Fahrenheit even in the summer here, and in the winter the temps can hover at around -5 degrees Fahrenheit. The only city of any real size in Lapland is Rovaniemi, which is the province’s capital, and it is where the bulk of the Lapland Finland tourists choose to base themselves.

The Lapland attractions are unique and the wildlife abundant, which is why Lapland holidays are gaining in popularity. Some of the best national parks in Finland are found in the region, so sightseeing in the wild is a top pursuit. In the wintertime, the Rovaniemi airport sees an influx in arriving flights, as scores of tourists flood in to visit Santa Claus Village, which is easily one of the top Lapland attractions. A few miles outside of Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Village is a remarkable place to be during the Christmas season, and according to many, it’s the real home of Santa Claus. Should you take your Lapland holidays just before December, you will get the chance to experience the kaamos, or period of no sun. While the sunlight is minimal at best during these months, they are in turn a great time to see the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. When it comes to things to do in Lapland, seeing the Northern Lights is at or near the top of most people’s list. Come spring in Lapland Finland, the sun shines more regularly, and this is when and where some of the best skiing in Finland is to be had. The town of Ivalo is where many skiers and snowboarders base themselves when looking to hit the ski resorts of Levi and Saariselka. Another fun thing to do when engaging in wintertime Lapland travel is to book a sledding tour. You’ll feel like you’re in the Iditarod as a pack of dogs whisk you along the frozen tundra.

As mentioned, Lapland Finland is full of wildlife, and birdwatchers will surely want to add birding to their lists of things to do in Lapland. Some 300 species of birds either nest or stop in Lapland during migratory periods, so you will definitely want to bring your binoculars when the weather warms up. Bears, wolverines, foxes, wolves, and other animals inhabit the terrain in Lapland Finland, so you may spot some of them as well, and you will surely see some reindeer during your trip. The native Sami People, who have lived in Lapland for centuries on end, subsist almost entirely on reindeer herding, and according to statistics, there are more than 300 reindeer in the region. For insight into the Sami People and their culture, the town of Inari is where you will want to head. It is in Inari that you will find the Inari Sami Museum, which is known locally as the Siida. Among the highlights at the museum is the outdoor section, which displays traditional Sami dwellings. Fishing is another idea for those searching for things to do in Lapland, and Lake Inari is a great place to cast a line, as is the river that defines the Finland-Norway border. You’re almost guaranteed to hook a salmon in this Arctic region.

Because Lapland is located almost wholly within the Arctic Circle, the weather is pretty cool year round. As opposed to southern Finland, which is where you will find the capital of Helsinki, the northern Lapland region is never toasty. Though cooler, however, Lapland Finland is not devoid of mosquitos. In fact, come summertime here, the Lapland mosquitos are out in force. If you don’t arm yourself with some bug spray while enjoying the outdoors here in the summer, you are likely to become a mosquito buffet. For this reason, those looking to do some Finnish hiking up in the northern reaches might be better off visiting in the spring or fall. Besides fishing on Lake Inari during the spring, summer, or fall, visitors can also go canoeing. The aforementioned resort of Saariselka is a good place to rent canoes for Lake Inari. All in all, wildlife viewing, canoeing, fishing, and hiking are the top things to do in Lapland during the warmer months.

Due to the fact that German troops burned and laid to waste much of this northern region at the close of World War II, there aren’t many historical attractions to see on Lapland holidays. It’s mostly about the great outdoors here, and great they are indeed. You will get a true appreciation for life on a different scale when you engage in Lapland travel, and the experience is sure to open up your eyes and make you reflect on where you come from and how that has helped to shape who you are. It’s a magnificent place that is considered by many to be the last real wilderness on the European continent.

The best way to travel to Lapland is by plane. Charter flights, which are specially-arranged flights that don’t adhere to the major airline schedules, can be booked in many European cities, and there are various small airports in Lapland, including those in Rovaniemi and Ivalo. These charter flights are somewhat limited, however, so many visitors fly to Helsinki, then catch a plane for Rovaniemi. Trains and buses from Helsinki, Tampere, and other major Finnish cities can get you to Lapland as well, but these trips are pretty long, sometimes lasting sixteen hours or more depending on your ultimate destination. One of the best ways to arrange your travel to Lapland is to book a Finland vacation package that includes time spent in the region. However you choose to travel, it is recommended that you spend at least a little time in Lapland during your Finland holiday. There are plenty of good Lapland hotels to choose from, so finding a place to stay will be among the least of your worries.

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