Levi Ski Resort

The Levi Ski Resort is perhaps the most popular destination for winter sports in Finland. This is saying a lot for a country with so many alluring ski areas. There are 22 in the Lapland region of Finland alone, which is where Levi is located. If the Levi Ski Area Finland is not the most popular resort for winter sports in the country then it is certainly the fastest growing.

As with many of the ski areas in the northern part of Finland, the sun does not give off a terrible amount of light during daytime hours. Although you could probably make a day of it without the lights on from around 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., you’ll find that the slopes are illuminated during these times as well. This particular resort has becoming increasing popular among not only residents of Finland, but also as one of the best Finland attractions for international travelers who enjoy the ease of access and proximity to convenient regional airports, as well as the nightlife, entertainment, and hotels near Levi Ski Resort.

Although there are a wide range of things to do in and around the Levi Ski Resort year round, the real excitement starts with the downhill sports. There are 6,650 acres of terrain that is used for everything from Nordic skiing and snowboarding, to snowshoeing and snowmobiling. There are 45 trails on the mountain. The top elevation at the Levi Ski Area Finland is 1,742 feet with a bottom elevation of 656 feet and a vertical drop of 1,066 feet. Total ski runs include 51 percent for beginners, 42 percent for intermediates, and 6 percent for advanced and experts. Although some of the highest peaks in the entire country are in the Lapland region of Finland, the slopes here are generally pretty modest. The fact that this resort caters much more the blue and green skiers as opposed to the black diamond experts is one reason for its widespread popularity with families and people still learning and honing their craft. This is one of the best destinations for ski vacations for families, especially when you consider that there are plenty of hotels near Levi Ski Resort, lots of restaurants and entertainment, a ski school, rentals, and much more. You will also enjoy a sport center with a pool and saunas, steam rooms, and other relaxing amenities. There is also a free shuttle that links the resort to all area hotels. It’s great to know when you’re booking a trip, that no matter which of the hotels near Levi Ski Resort you choose, you can be sure you can get back and forth for free.

The airport at Kittila makes connecting from major cities like Helsinki a breeze. In essence, you can choose one destination and stay at an accommodation that is within close range of several resorts. You are never far from skiing anywhere in Finland and with the beauty of the countryside and the breathtaking Northern Lights, you will remember your trip for a long time. You can rent chalets that are virtually slope-side at the Levi Ski Area Finland. There are also a range of other options, from hotels and inns to spa hotels and condos. The Levi Ski Resort is one of the more desirable places for winter sports in all of Finland, but there are others, including several Lapland ski resorts.

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