Finland National Parks

There are 35 national parks in Finland, which is a big reason why wilderness sightseeing is among the best things to do in this Nordic country. The Finland national parks can be found in all parts of the country, from the northern Lapland province to the southern Finnish archipelago. In addition to admiring various landscapes while visiting the National Parks of Finland, visitors can also take in some Finland wildlife, which includes bears, wolves, and reindeer. The Finland national parks were created first and foremost to safeguard the most-treasured of Finnish biotopes, so when you include one or more of them on your Finland vacation itinerary, you will be treated to some of the best natural wonders that Finland has to offer.

In the Finnish archipelago, one of the more interesting Finland national parks can be found. The Archipelago National Park, which is a UNESCO biosphere reserve, is a great place to get an overall idea of what the general landscape is like in the extensive Finnish islands chain. It’s also a great place to enjoy some great Finland hiking and fishing. There are regular ferry connections between Archipelago National Park and the Finland mainland, and as for the wildlife here, birdwatchers will be right at home. While the Archipelago National Park is the southernmost national park in Finland, the Lemmenjoki National Park is the most northerly. Found in the northern reaches of Lapland, this park is the biggest of all the national parks in Finland, and it gets its name from the Lemmenjoki River. In the summertime, visitors to Lemmenjoki National Park try their luck digging for gold, and if you want to enjoy some good Finnish hiking, this park is ideal. Of course, all of the national parks in Finland are ideal for hiking, provided that you mostly stick to the warmer months. At Lemmenjoki, there are miles of hiking trails, and while hiking, you might come across a boat or a bridge that is intended to facilitate hikers’s needs.

There are five other Finland national parks in the Lapland region, and they are among the best parks in the country for viewing Finland wildlife. As mentioned, bears, wolves, and reindeer are among the animal species that you will see in the national parks of Finland. In Lapland, these animals are most abundant. Lemmings, snow white owls, various seabirds, flying squirrels, and wolverines are other common animal species that you will likely spot when seeking out Finland wildlife. Just south of the Arctic Circle and Lapland is the city of Oulu, and visitors to this interesting little city can always escape to the wilds at nearby Syote National Park. You will certainly see some wildlife when touring about Syote National Park, which is comprised by a series of old-growth forests. Since the park is found in the country’s most southernly fell area, it is a rather hilly place where Finland skiing is enjoyed in the winter. As a side note, Northern Finland is the most mountainous part of the country, so those looking for a lot of topography will want to head north. While Finland is not a very mountainous country, it’s tallest peak does top out at a fairly healthy 4,345 feet, and you might be surprised at how good the skiing can be here. Syote National Park receives the most annual snowfall in Finland, which helps to make it a good place to glide down some Finnish slopes.

As you head south of the city of Oulu into southern Finland, you will find an increasing number of national parks. More than half of the national parks of Finland are found in the southern part of the country, so you’ll never be too far from one when vacationing in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, or Kuopio, for example. Those visiting Helsinki and Espoo will find it extremely easy to escape the urban environs for a more natural setting. Nuuksio National Park, which is one of Finland’s most highly-visited parks, is easily reached by bus from both Helsinki and Espoo, and it is a great place to do some Finland camping. In addition to camping, visitors to Nuuksio can also enjoy some Finland golf when the weather is warm, and come winter, cross-country skiing is among the featured activities. Be sure to keep an eye out for Siberian flying squirrels when visiting Nuuksio National Park, as they are quite abundant here.

The Finland national parks mentioned in this article are just some of the ones to put on your list, and regardless of which national parks of Finland you visit, you are guaranteed the chance to get in touch with nature. Just be sure to bring some bug spray with you when visiting the Finnish national parks in the summertime, as the mosquitos can get pretty annoying. Even in the cooler northern Lapland region, mosquitos can be a nuisance, so you will want to be prepared. In the winter, don’t forget your warm clothes. Snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, skiing, and ice-fishing in the winter in Finland are all a blast, but the fun quickly dissipates if you’re freezing to the bone.

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