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As far as Finland resorts are concerned, they are generally of the spa hotel variety, offering guests the ability to seek rejuvenation and relaxation when not out exploring or sightseeing. There are some luxury resorts in Finland, and some resort-like hotels that cost less, and all guarantee a complete array of facilities, such as rooms, restaurants, spas, swimming pools, and the all-important and omnipresent Finnish saunas. You will find Finland beach resorts in the southern and western parts of the country, and there are other resort options in the central and northern reaches as well. Accommodations in Finland don’t get much better than the Finland resorts, so you will do well to book a stay at one of them whenever possible.

When it comes to the luxury resorts in Finland, the Naantali Spa Hotel is easily one of the best. Few lodging establishments in the country can match the facilities and the high-level of service at the Naantali Spa Hotel, and guests here will enjoy unlimited access to the hotel’s fitness center, pool area, and sauna. Interestingly enough, the 360 comfortable rooms that the Naantali offers are not found in one main building. Instead, you can rent one of the double rooms in the Spa Hotel, opt for a larger and more luxurious suite in the Suite Hotel, or even choose one of the attractive rooms on the hotel’s yacht. If these accommodations don’t fit into your budget and you are looking for Finland hostels or other cheap lodging arrangements, the Naantali Spa Hotel even has some apartment-like hostel units that are ideal money-saving options. This place is a complete complex for sure, and it is found near the popular tourist city of Turku, which deserves a visit on any Finland vacation. Like other resorts in Finland, the Naantali boasts a number of restaurants, some conference facilities, and a range of activities to enjoy. You can even arrange to hit some nearby Finland golf courses.

Also found in Turku, and not far from the city center, is the Caribia Spa Congress Hotel, which you can read a bit about in the Turku hotels article. Not as expensive as the Naantali Spa Hotel, the Caribia is nonetheless able to deliver a most satisfying experience. As for facilities here, you will have a choice of three restaurants, two of which are casual and ideal for repeat family meals. There is also a fitness center, a massage room, and a sauna that you can enjoy. Kids love the array of pools here, as well the waterslides. The Health Spa Ruissalo also deserves a look when in Turku, and it offers a sauna, a range of spa treatments, a swimming pool, and alluring accommodations. As for Finland resorts in the capital city of Helsinki, which is just 100 miles to the east of Turku, the closest thing that you will find is the Palace Kamp Hotel, which deserves a nod when discussing luxury resorts in Finland. The Palace Kamp is a featured property in the Helsinki hotels article, and you can read more about it there.

Heading north from Turku and Helsinki, the city of Tampere offers another candidate for those searching for resorts in Finland. The Holiday Club Tampere Spa Hotel overlooks scenic Lake Nasijarvi, and it is none too far from the city center. When renting a room at one of the resorts in Finland, the room amenities that you should expect include comfortable beds, cable TV, a mini-bar, heating, air-conditioning, a safe, and internet access, whether or not it be for an extra fee or not. The Holiday Club Tampere Spa Hotel rooms offer these kinds of amenities, so you can expect a good stay. There is a heated indoor pool at the Holiday Club Tampere, and the complete spa facilities feature mineral baths, Jacuzzi tubs, a Finnish sauna, and Roman baths. Banquets, other private parties, and conferences can be organized at this resort hotel, which is also typical of Finland resorts in general.

Not all of the luxury resorts in Finland are found in the southern part of the country, and heading up the western coast you will find a good one in the city of Oulu. One of the Finland beach resorts, it is an ideal spot in the summer months when temperatures here can sometimes reach the 80s. The centerpieces of this hotel in Oulu are its spa and leisure facilities, which promote relaxation and an overall sense of well-being. Such is the aim of the luxury resorts in Finland, which is why they are so popular with visitors. Speaking of being popular with visitors, the Levi ski resort in Lapland is one of the most highly-visited ski resorts in Finland, and it is here that you will find just one more example of a Finnish resort-style hotel. The Spa Hotel Levitunturi is close to the area ski slopes, and after enjoying the outdoors in Levi, the onsite spa here is an utter haven of rejuvenation. When not enjoying spa treatments, you can play some tennis at the Spa Hotel Levitunturi, among other sports, and there is also a good gym where you can fit in some workouts on the side if you please.

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