Finland Ski Resorts

Finland ski resorts are the perfect addition to a vacation to Finland if you like to ski and enjoy other wintertime activities. Skiing in Finland is ideal for all levels of skiers, and since the ski resorts in Finland are plentiful, you’re never too far from one wherever you find yourself in the country. The mountains are at their highest in northern Finland and the Lapland region, and you’ll find some of the best Finland ski resorts there, but central and southern Finland offer some good resorts to, so you can decide where you want to base your Finland ski vacation accordingly. All of the top ski resorts in Finland offer accommodations, restaurants, and equipment rentals, so you should find everything that you need, and come nightfall, most have lively bars that are ideal for hanging out when not you’re not tackling the illuminated runs.

Though the northern Lapland region in Finland gets the coldest in the winter, it is nonetheless a popular wintertime destination for those who enjoy fun in the snow. There are 22 ski resort areas in Lapland. You can fly to various Lapland airports from some of the larger cities in southern Finland, like Helsinki, which is much quicker than taking a train or bus, and there are also flights to the region from other European cities. The most popular airport in Lapland is found in Rovaniemi, and before or after you hit the slopes in Lapland, you might want to make a stop at Santa Claus Village, which is a few miles outside of town. As mentioned, some of the best Finland ski resorts are found in the Lapland region, and among them are the Yllas ski resort, the Ruka ski resort, and the world-famous Levi Finland ski resort area. These resorts have some of the longest runs in the country, and since they are so far north, they are ideal places to see the Northern Lights of Finland as well.

You’ll find the longest of the long ski runs in Finland at the Yllas ski resort in Lapland, which is the largest ski resort in the country. What helps to make the Yllas ski resort one of the top ski resorts in Finland is that it is both ideal for skiers and snowboarders. The 29 lifts here can get you on any one of the 61 slopes in a hurry, and for those that like powering through powder, there are some off-track runs that you can dive into. Some of the slopes at the Yllas ski resort are illuminated at night, and there are 11 restaurants near the slopes. A full resort with ski schools and everything else that you could want, the Yllas ski resort is great for families and anyone else looking for a complete range of facilities.

Also offering a complete range of facilities in Lapland is the Levi Finland ski resort. At Finland ski resorts like Levi, not only is winter a good time to visit, but so is any other time of year. During the warmer months, it’s a great place to enjoy some Finland golf, not to mention other activities like cycling, white-water rafting, fishing, and so much more. There are 45 slopes of varying levels for those who visit the Levi resort area, and you’ll find the only Gondola lift in the country here. Great restaurants, a lively nightlife and apres-ski scene, and a nearby airport in Kittila help to make Levi Finland the most famous ski destination in the country.

The Ruka ski resort is another top Lapland ski area, and it too offers a full range of facilities. The new pedestrian village center here is just one sign that the Ruka ski resort is only growing in popularity, and as for the scenery here, it’s among the best in the country. Like the aforementioned Lapland ski areas, the Ruka ski resort has, in addition to its slopes, a half-pipe and a snow park where you can work on your tricks. The Ruka ski resort is found in eastern Lapland near the border of Russia, and it’s just one of the great ski resorts in Finland where you can enjoy an authentic ski vacation. You don’t have to travel to northern Finland, however, to find good Finland skiing. Near the central-region city of Oulu, the Iso-Syote ski area offers a Lapland-like experience closer to the country’s major cities. You’re still a pretty good distance from Helsinki when visiting Iso-Syote, but it does amount to less travel time if you are coming from the capital. The Iso-Syote area is the southernmost fell region in the country, so the hills only get smaller south of here. A fell, for those who may not know, is basically a gentle mountain that is not as rugged as a young peak. The fells in Finland begin in Iso-Syote and extend into the northern Lapland region.

There are only 15 slopes at Iso-Syote, but they are good ones, and in addition to a ski school, there are equipment rentals, a restaurant, a café, and a few retail shops. You’ll also find a half-pipe and snow park here in case you want to go big. There are 31 ski resorts or ski areas in central Finland, and in the southern part of the country, there are 26 ski areas. As for the best southern Finland ski resorts, Himos is arguably the best. It’s definitely the most popular in the region, if not in the whole country. This is due to the fact that it is among the easiest full resorts in the country to reach from the major Finnish cities of Kuopio, Tampere, Turku, Espoo, and Helsinki. There are two ski areas that make up the Himos ski resort, and between them are 15 lifts that service 21 slopes. As is true at all the major ski resorts in Finland, Himos boasts miles of cross-country trails in addition to its downhill runs.

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