Things To Do In Finland

The tourist attractions in Finland cover a wide range of interests, and regardless of when you choose to enjoy a Finland vacation, there will be plenty to see and do. Summertime is the peak season for Finland tourism, and since the weather is most agreeable during the summer, it is a prime time of year in which to take in Finland sights across the land. Winter, Spring and Fall are great times to visit Finland as well, at least if you donʼt mind the cooler weather, so if you canʼt make it here in the summertime, there will still be a wide array of things to do in Finland. The following are some of the top suggestions for things to do in Finland to help you build the ideal itinerary for your upcoming Finland holiday.

Finland Northern Lights

The Finland Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are a prime Finland attraction, and when it comes to Finland sights of the natural variety, they donʼt get much more impressive than the Northern Lights. While they are visible some 200 nights a year, wintertime is the best time to catch them. The best place in Finland to see the Northern Lights is the Lapland region, which is partly located within the boundaries of the Arctic Circle. Various Finland tours include attempts to see the Northern Lights, and while there is no guarantee that you will see them on any given night, your overall chances should be quite good, as they are visible some 200 nights a year on average.

Finland Cruises

Cruises are among the top things to do in Finland come May through September, and you can enjoy them along the coast or inland on the countryʼs many lakes and rivers. For those visiting the southern Finland cities of Helsinki and Turku, cruises in the Finnish Archipelago are easy to book in the warmer months, and they are without question among the most popular. A land of lakes and rivers, Finland borders the Baltic Sea to its south and to its west, so there are numerous chances to get out on the water to enjoy some of the Finland sights from a unique perspective.

Finnish Archipelago

The Finnish archipelago begins just off the southern and southwestern coasts of Finland, and when it comes to summertime tourist attractions in Finland, this chain of some 50,000 islands is a top tourist draw. The aforementioned Finland cruises through the archipelago are one of the best ways to enjoy the islands here, and there are also bridges and roads that link many of them, meaning that if you are driving, you can take the car to hit some top spots should you prefer. Some of the ferries that make their way through the archipelago can transport you and your vehicle, though you might just be better off leaving the car on the mainland.

Finland Hiking

Hiking in Finland is one of the top things to do in Finland for those who enjoy trekking in the great outdoors. There are miles and miles of quality hiking trails across the country, from the Finnish archipelago in the south on up to the far reaches of the northern Lapland region. Summer, spring, and fall are all good seasons for hiking in Finland, with summer being the best. Just be sure to bring some bug repellant when choosing to hike here in the summertime, as the mosquitoes can pose an annoying problem if you donʼt adequately prepare. Guided hikes are easy to arrange in Finland, and you are also encouraged to head out on your own as you please.

Finland National Parks

There are no less than 35 national parks in Finland, and among them is the Archipelago National Park, which is found on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Come summer, the number of visits to the national parks in Finland definitely increases, but you can also enjoy the parksʼ hiking trails in late Spring and early Fall. Regardless of where you find yourself in Finland, a national park is never far off, so fulfilling your need to get close to nature and enjoy Finland sights of the natural variety is an easy thing to arrange.

Finland Fishing

Anglers looking for things to do in Finland will be happy to know that the fishing opportunities here are excellent. As mentioned earlier, Finland is a land of lakes of rivers, and the miles upon miles of Baltic Sea coastline only encourage visitors to see what the area waters have to offer. Fly fishing in Finland is growing in popularity, and there are numerous companies in the country that can help you arrange the Finland fishing experience of a lifetime. Often times, those enjoying Finland fishing can prepare their catch of the day over an open fire, which is a great way to finish the day. Ice-fishing is quite popular in Finland, so even if you canʼt come during a warmer season, you can still fulfill your angling needs.

Finland Skiing

Both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing are a blast in Finland, and while the mountains here are relatively small, all levels of skiers and snowboarders can find runs to fit their tastes and preferences. The best skiing in Finland is arguably to be had in the northern Lapland region, and that is where you will find some of the top Finland ski resorts, such as Levi. However, youʼll be happy to know that there are plenty of Finland ski resorts in the southern and central parts of the country as well, so if you canʼt make it up north, you can still enjoy the sport.

Finland Golf

Golf enthusiasts looking for a Finland attraction to suit their needs will find a range of golf courses to choose from. There are some 100 courses spread across the country, and while many golfers around the world donʼt know about Finnish golf, the secret is getting out. Some of the best golf courses in Finland are found near Helsinki, so when youʼre not enjoying Finland sights in and around the capital, you can tee it up for a most enjoyable round. The long summer days in Finland mean that you can tee it up well into the night, so if you canʼt sleep, perhaps a quick 9 or 18 will be on the agenda.

Finland Castles

While taking in the sights on guided or unguided Finland tours, the Finland castles are always worth including on your itinerary. The Turku Castle is the countryʼs pride and joy, and those looking for historical tourist attractions in Finland wonʼt want to miss it. Another impressive castle in Finland is the Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna, which sets an ideal stage for the summertime Savonlinna Opera Festival. Some of the best museums in Finland are housed in the countryʼs castles, and these museums not only offer insight into the castles themselves, but also into the overall history of Finland .

Finland Cathedrals

Much like the Finland castles, the Finland cathedrals are among the top tourist attractions in Finland. The capital city of Helsinki is where you will find two of the best Finland cathedrals, and other larger cities like Turku, Tampere, and Kuopio also offer up some alluring ones that are worth checking out as well. Most of the Finland castles are open to visitors and do not charge an admission fee, so if your budget is tight and you are looking to build up your Finland attraction list, the countryʼs cathedrals are definitely not to be overlooked.

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