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Finland tours come in all shapes and sizes, and they can last for just an hour or extend over the course of days or weeks. Should you tour Finland on an extended program, then you will likely hit Helsinki first and then branch out from there, and your accommodations, transportation, and the bulk of your meals will likely be included. When you tour Finland as such, it is basically akin to booking a Finland vacation package. You’ll be free to worry only about enjoying yourself while someone else takes care of all the details. An extended tour in Finland can include wildlife viewing, visits to cities, a meeting with Santa Claus, or all of the above, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities. There is a tour to fit your tastes and preferences in Finland, and it’s always a good idea to enjoy one or more, as they will only add some extra depth and substance to your already exciting Finland vacation.

Helsinki tours are among the most popular in Finland, as the country’s capital city boasts attractive architecture, great museums, and so much more. The Helsinki sightseeing tours are definitely recommended for anyone who is visiting the city for the first time, as not only will you be shown the best sights in the city, but you will also learn about them while becoming more familiar with the overall city layout. There are plenty of guided Helsinki sightseeing tours that are offered in English, as well as a bunch of other languages, and some of the most affordable ones involve riding on a bus. There are open-air, double-decker buses that are ideal for the summertime, and they are probably the best option when it comes to Helsinki bus tours. Cruises in Finland are also offered in the summertime, and the summertime cruises in Helsinki are just another option for Helsinki sightseeing tours. For those with enough time on their hands, there are options to combine a bus tour with a boat tour, and if you don’t want to be lumped into a group with other travelers, there are private Helsinki tours that you can book as well.

Helsinki tours can be enjoyed on their own or figure among a greater tour in Finland, so you can choose accordingly depending on your wants and needs. Another thing to consider is the fact that Helsinki tours are not just limited to general sightseeing. Some of the best museums and cathedrals in Finland are found in Helsinki, and you can tour them on their own, often times with a guide if you please. Helsinki tours can also involve heading out to nearby destinations, as is the case with the two-day Turku tours that you can arrange from the capital, for example. Turku, which is just 100 miles west of Helsinki, certainly begs a visit, and when you book a multiple-day Turku tour from the capital, it almost always includes your hotel accommodations and your transportation there and back. Both Helsinki and Turku are ideal places for booking tours through the Finnish archipelago, so regardless of which one you base yourself in, the islands are easy to reach.

Moving north from Helsinki or Turku, cities that you can tour while on your way to the vast Lapland province include Tampere, Kuopio, and Oulu, and these cities are often on the itinerary when you book extended Finland tours. You don’t have to hit all the stops when you tour Finland, however, and many people opt to head straight for the northern Lapland region after visiting the capital. Flying is the quickest way to get from Helsinki to Lapland, though your tour in Finland might involve busses or trains instead. Once in Lapland, there are some very interesting tours that you can book, including dogsledding tours and tours that allow you to meet some of the native Sami People, who have lived in Lapland for centuries on end. Comprehensive Lapland tours almost always include a visit to Santa Claus Village, which is just outside of Rovaniemi. If seeing Santa doesn’t figure high on your list, perhaps you will prefer booking one of the Lapland tours that include opportunities to view the Finnish Northern Lights. One such tour involves snowmobiling to a pre-selected site, where you will enjoy a hot cup of hot chocolate next to the fire while you learn about the Northern Lights and wait for them to appear.

It is difficult to adequately cover all of the possibilities when it comes to Finland tours. A tour in Finland could revolve around playing some of the best golf courses in the country, or it can see you hiking in one of the Finland national parks with a guide. You can book a tour in Finland before you go, or you can visit the main tourist office at your featured destinations once you arrive for help and ideas. As a side note, your tour in Finland can also be a part of a more comprehensive European tour that includes visits to other countries, such as Russia and Sweden.

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