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Regardless of when you travel to Finland, you are in for a great vacation. Though summer is considered by many to be the best season for Finland vacations, the country is also brimming with things to do in the wintertime. Also, seeing the fall colors makes a September or October Finland vacation worth considering, and come spring, the skiing in Finland might just be at its best. Because Finland is located so far north and partly within the Arctic Circle, the weather is pretty unique here, as is the distribution of sunlight, and these two factors can certainly influence your decision about when to go. If at all possible, it is recommended that you travel to Finland more than once and during different seasons. That way, you will get a more comprehensive understanding of all that Finland travel has to offer, not to mention the chance to enjoy Finland tourist attractions that you might have missed the last time around.

The weather in Finland will very much determine the kinds of things that you can do on Finland vacations, though some of the best Finland tourist attractions can be enjoyed year round. Such is the case with the Finland museums and cathedrals. In general, the peak season for Finland trips is the summer, when the weather is at its warmest and the majority of the top Finland festivals are in full swing. It’s also the time of year when there is extended sunlight. In mid-summer, days have 21 hours of sunlight, so you can enjoy the outdoors long into the night. In southern Finland, where Helsinki, Turku, and the Finnish archipelago can be found, the summertime temps can reach into the high 80s at times, though the average is more around 60 degrees. May through September sees generally warm temperatures throughout southern Finland, and these are the best months to enjoy cruises in the Finnish archipelago. In fact, if Finland cruises of any variety are high on your list, then May through September is the time to book Finland trips. Golf in Finland is also best enjoyed in the summertime, as is hiking, canoeing, and a list of other outdoor pursuits, so if you really like outdoor activities, summer is when you should travel to Finland.

Autumn is also a good month for hiking in Finland, and though the blazing colors on the trees last for a relatively short time, it is a great season for sightseeing. This is especially true in the Lapland region, when September sees the northern trees alight with dazzling reds and yellows. Come the end of September, temperatures begin to cool down considerably across Finland, and by November, the subzero days begin. The amount of daylight also begins to decrease at the end of fall, with the northern part of the country seeing very little sunlight between November and January. These months are arguably the best months for seeing the Northern Lights in Finland, and in terms of Finland tourist attractions, they don’t get much better. As for spring in Finland, it basically starts in April in the southern part of the country, and in May up north. Officially, March is the start of spring, but it just might be the best month for hitting the Finland ski resorts, as the temps are ideal and the snow too.

In addition to the weather, the Finland festivals and events often figure into the picture when planning Finland vacations. As mentioned, summertime is festival time in Finland, and it’s when top yearly events like the Helsinki Festival, the Savonlinna Opera Festival, and the Wife Carrying World Championships take place. Even though summertime is the festival season in Finland, it’s a good idea to check the schedule for anything that might be taking place during your visit regardless of when you go.

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