Brittany France

Brittany France is perhaps best known for its soaring cliffs along the Atlantic Ocean, although this is one aspect of this region's diverse landscapes. Islands in the English Channel, lush forests, medieval cities, and winding rivers also are emblematic of this thriving region in western France. Like Alsace Lorraine to the west, Brittany is blessed with a variety of interesting landscapes and places to explore.

The list of things to do in Brittany is long and varied. History buffs, gourmands, fans of watersports, shoppers, spa-goers, beach bunnies, photographers, and readers will find Brittany attractions perfectly attuned to their interest. And those who like to dip their toes into many arenas will be delighted with the range of choices available.

Brittany attractions reflect the heritage of this place shaped by the Celts, Greeks, Gauls, Romans, and others over the centuries. Several of the lighthouses along the rocky shores are open to tour, and maritime-themed events such as sailing, sightseeing cruises, kayaking, and swimming are readily available. Brittany is also home to several canals, including the Ille-et-Rance canal, which links the English Channel to the Atlantic Ocean and the Nantes-Brest Canal, commissioned by Napoleon. Today, they're a favorite place for enjoying leisurely cruises. Boaters can step onto dry land to enjoy a variety of experiences, such as walking tours, bookshops, children's games, and picnics.

More than 4,000 castles from the Middle Ages provide a peek into another chapter of Brittany's history. On tours of these Brittany attractions, you'll have the chance to learn about marauders of past eras, great writers, and the people who lived in pre-modern times. Those interested in history will also enjoy tours of the grand cathedrals, cities dating from the Roman era, and charming small towns founded at the time Columbus was exploring the New World. Some of the oldest fixtures of Brittany France date from a time with no record. Some amazing megaliths, giant stone monuments built by Stone Age residents, remain to this day.

Not all of the Brittany attractions are from the past. The region is a hotspot of modern art; many artists are drawn here, putting their mark on outdoor art installations, culinary competitions, and traveling exhibits. The city's cuisine also is a vibrant element of the local heritage. Fresh seafood, Breton butter seasoned with sea salt, and buckwheat pancakes are elemental components of Brittany's tasty cuisine.

Brittany travel is made easier vast transportation network that's available. The city is easy to access from Paris, London, and points in between by ferry, rail, and highway. Several flights depart from both big cities, as well as Marseille, Toulouse, and cities all around the UK. Many travelers from London take the train to Lille and then continue on to Brittany France.

Along with a solid transportation network, Brittany offers its visitors all the amenities they need to enjoy a vacation. English is widely spoken here, making it easy to make reservations, order a meal, and find out more about what there is to do. Brittany hotels, ranging from luxury spa resorts to budget-friendly motels, provide a place to anchor while exploring the cities, coast, and islands of the region. Other niceties of Brittany travel, such as shopping, tours, golf, and dining options are readily available.

No matter what elements that you choose for Brittany travel, you'll have a chance to explore a distinctive region of France. If you spend all of your time along the coast, visit the big cities, spend time in the countryside, or a combination of the above, your trip to Brittany will be one to savor.

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