Cooking Schools in France

Cooking schools in France are in high demand. After all, no other country in the world is as recognized as France is for its cuisine. The French certainly know what they are doing within the realms of the culinary world, and there is arguably no better place to develop new food preparation practices.

Cooking Schools in France
Cooking Schools in France

There are many cooking schools in France to select from. As you might suspect, some of the best are found in Paris. An example is the famous Le Cordon Bleu Paris, which was founded way back in 1895. If you aren’t planning on visiting Paris, or you just want to take French cooking classes elsewhere, you might turn to the schools in Provence, as there are several in the region. Maybe you’re headed to Chamonix, in which case you might prefer taking a cooking class there, and regions such as Brittany, Normandy, and Burgundy shouldn’t be overlooked.

Whether you choose to take Paris cooking classes or you opt to look elsewhere, you can expect to come away from the experience with a better understanding of traditional food in France. Examples of French traditional food include Bouillabaisse, Cassoulet, and Clafouti. Bouillabaisse is a type of seafood soup that originated in Provence, while Cassoulet is a bean stew or casserole that contains meat and hails from the country’s southwest region. As for Clafouti, it is a famous custard of sorts that also originated in southwest France.

Foie gras and crepes are just two more examples of traditional food that you might learn how to prepare when taking classes at one of the cooking schools in France. Also interesting to consider is the fact that many French cooking classes put a focus on the wines of France, and chances are good that you will have the chance to visit local markets and shops. Some Paris cooking classes include a visit to the Le Marche Poncelet market, for example.

Between the various cooking schools in France, it is possible to arrange either single-day classes or multi-day classes. Also something to consider are France cooking vacations. These vacations put cooking at the heart of things and can include a mix of wonderful experiences.

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