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Most of the Corsica flights from mainland Europe originate in mainland France and Italy and fly into one of the island’s four airports. You can fly to Corsica from other European countries, including Switzerland, England, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Germany, although some of these flights are seasonal. The only other method of transportation to the island is by ferries (also from France and Italy), aboard large ocean liners on Mediterranean cruises, or by sailing.

Cheap flights to Corsica are available, as this is not the most visited vacation spot even though it is a popular summer destination among European residents. Travelers from the United States have also recently discovered the attractions of this beautiful and unspoiled island. For the best bargains, you should look for vacation packages offered throughout Western Europe and by some American tour operators. These usually include airfare to Corsica as well as other features, such as airport transfers, accommodations in hotels, certain meals, and sometimes tours.

There are more frequent Corsica flights during the peak summer season, and, in fact, some airlines only fly to Corsica during this period. Some of these are regional charter airlines, and there are many cheap flights to Corsica on these seasonal airlines. Almost all of the things to do on the island are seasonal. The summer provides the best weather for the 600 miles of beaches, and for exploring the dramatic mountains and parks for which Corsica is so well known.

After you fly to Corsica, you will arrive at one of the four main airports. The Ajaccio Airport, Campo Dell’Oro, is the island’s largest facility and is located about 30 minutes from town. Bastia Poretta Airport is the second largest facility, and is also located about 30 minutes from town. Both of these have parking for several hundred cars, reliable taxi and bus shuttle service, and major car rental outlets. There are some Bastia hotels along the beaches within a mile or two of the town’s airport, which is set a bit inland. The Ajaccio Airport is located right on the Mediterranean Sea, and there are some nice Ajaccio hotels and resorts on the beaches just a mile or so away. One of the finest luxury resorts on the island is located here, the Sofitel Porticcio Thalassa. It boasts deluxe rooms and suites, a full-service spa with Turkish baths, a gourmet restaurant, and a variety of water and beach sports.

Figari Airport is located in the small village of the same name in the south, and services the larger seaport towns of Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio. Your best form of transportation from this airport is getting a car rental or pre-arranged transfers with your hotels or vacation packages, as there is no public transportation and taxis can be fairly expensive. The airport at Calvi, Sainte Catherine Airport, has the most limited number of Corsica flights and has restrictions both on what aircraft can fly in and under what weather conditions. After dark and in windy conditions, flights will be diverted to Bastia, which is about 50 miles away. There are also limited facilities at the Calvi Airport. Ironically, this limited access means that you often can find excellent cheap flights to Corsica into these two airports.



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