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Hundreds of Corsica hotels are available to welcome visitors, and you will find them all over the island. Most of the hotels in Corsica are concentrated along the coastline with its hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches that make this island so popular for vacations. But you will also find them nestled in the rugged mountains that cover most of the island's surface, and even on tiny private islands. There is a wide variety of accommodation that will suit all interests, tastes, and budgets.

You can find a truly unique and exclusive Corsica luxury hotel in the mountains outside of Ajaccio, the island's largest city. This is the Carpe Diem Palazzu, a grand stone villa dating to the seventeenth century set on a beautiful estate. It has only six grand suites and a full-service spa. Most of the accommodation in the inland villages and mountains are more modest. Many of them are classified as "auberge ferme," and are intimate farmhouses that offer charming bed and breakfast lodging with access to hiking, horseback riding, and other similar outdoor activities.

Another exclusive Corsica luxury hotel can be found at the in the straits between Bonifacio and the Italian island of Sardinia. This is the Hotel and Spa des Pecheurs (pictured), set on the little private island of Cavallo, which boasts its own marina for guests who arrive in their personal yachts, a full-service spa, and a private beach. This is one of the few true 5-star properties on the island. Another is the Hotel La Villa outside of Calvi on the north coast. This Corsica luxury hotel allows you to hike in the rugged and nearly inaccessible Scandola Nature Reserve, but still enjoy world-class luxury with magnificent sea and mountain views,

But there is also cheap accommodation in Corsica to be found both on the beaches and in the mountains. If you're hiking the famed GR20 Trek that stretches across the island and through the mountains for 110 miles from outside Calvi almost to Porto Vecchio, you will probably find yourself staying in basic mountain huts. These refuges are run by the national parks, and offer basic food and dormitory lodging accommodating 25 to 50 hikers in bunk beds. There are inexpensive and comfortable Corsica hotels on the coast of Cap Corse, the little peninsula north of Bastia that provides the most scenic drive on the island as well as south of Porto Vecchio on the island's famous Palombaggia Beach.

The largest percentage of visitors to the island arrive on numerous regularly scheduled ferries from Italy's nearby island of Sardinia, as well as from several ports in mainland France and mainland Italy. Many bring their own cars for transportation, but many also are looking for Corsica hotels within walking distance of the ferry terminals, and there are many of these. All the major cities and towns are ferry ports, and you can walk off the boat to your hotels in Corsica from all of them.

Most of these are in the city's old districts, usually right around the massive citadels that were built by the ruling Republic of Genoa in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to protect the harbors from invaders. One of these city port hotels in Corsica is the Saint Christophe, with wonderful views of the Calvi harbor and citadel. Another is Les Roches Blanches, located literally on the ferry pier in Porto Vecchio.

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