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Taking a Corsica holiday has long been popular with tourists from mainland Europe. It only takes an hour or two to get to the destination from almost anywhere in Western Europe and many enjoy holidays to Corsica for quick weekend getaways as well as longer stays. The easy accessibility and the island's beautiful coastline have been drawing visitors for decades, and a beach holiday in Corsica is by far the most popular kind of getaway here.

Even though European visitors have been drawn here for several decades, the more than 200 pristine beaches remain quite unspoiled. Many are virtually deserted, because the number of tourists is still relatively small compared to more famous islands such as Crete and Ibiza. There are beautiful beach resorts as well as numerous villas and other vacation rentals around all of the largest coastal towns and cities. Corsica holiday packages that take you to the beaches are widely available from operators in Western Europe. Americans have begun to discover the many attractions and things to do here over the last couple decades and Corsica holiday packages have become more available in the United States as well.

There are Corsica holiday attractions other than the beaches. A virtual lack of pollution means the waters offshore are the cleanest and clearest in all of Europe, and there is excellent scuba diving in the region. There are two major important natural reserves here. The straits between Corsica and the island of Sardinia (a possession of Italy) are internationally protected waters. Called the Bouches (mouths) de Bonifacio, these waters provide excellent diving. The Scandola Nature Reserve is on the west central coast between the seaports of Calvi and Ajaccio. It is accessible only on foot with relatively strenuous hiking, or by boat. Diving off the shore here is some of the best in Europe. You can book Corsica holiday packages for diving in this region from tour operators in the United States, or from local operators once you arrive.

You can also enjoy holidays to Corsica that take advantage of the island's dramatic mountains. This is a very mountainous island, and it has been referred to as the "Mountain in the Sea" for millennia by mariners, explorers, and invaders. The highest point is Mount Cinto (on the eastern border of Scandola), at nearly 9,000 feet above sea level. There is technical climbing available here. A hiking trail (the famous GR20 Trek) known as the toughest long distance trail in Europe passes by the mountain, and extends for 110 miles from just outside Calvi in the north nearly to Porto Vecchio in the south. Hiking holidays to Corsica can be enjoyed to trek the entire trail taking about two weeks, or just to access segments of it.

You can get to your Corsica holiday by air from several European countries, but the largest percentage of visitors arrive by ferry. Numerous ferries are scheduled into all the main seaport cities, including Ajjaccio, Bastia, Calvi, Propriano, Bonifacio, and Porto Vecchio. Each of these ancient port cities also have a rich history, with massive citadels guarding their ports and fascinating old town districts. You can even experience some of what Corsica has to offer on ocean cruises that ply the Mediterranean. Many major cruise lines have the island as one of their port stops, usually at Ajaccio and sometimes Calvi. Even though the port stops are usually only for one or two nights, the island is quite small and it is possible to explore large areas of it on a single shore excursion.



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