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France is blessed with sunny weather, beautiful countryside, a nice selection of beaches, historic cities, ornate churches, picturesque chateaus, and some of the best food and wine in the world. The French take there meals seriously, although don't let that deter you from having a relaxed, impromptu meal. Show up to one of the many restaurants in France with a little enthusiasm and you'll be treated to a culinary tour de force. If culinary delights are you thing then a holiday in France is defiantly the way to go. From bustling markets with the freshest selection of goods, to intimate stores devoted to bread, cheese, and wine, the gastronomic perfection of food in France is spectacular.

Restaurants in France
Restaurants in France

There are thousands of great restaurants in France. All of them seem to boast about one chef or another, which is good, but for most of us we want to get down to eating. Walk around the city, peruse the menu, and sit down for a meal. Parisians eat lunch at noon, and take their dinner late, around eight o'clock. Restaurants in France can be a pricey affair, but fortunately French law dictates that prices must include service. Rounding off the bill and leaving some change is good practice.

Eating in France is an exciting and rich experience. Food in France has many different styles. There are staples, like bread, cheese, and coffee. Bread, especially the baguette, is very common, but there are dozens of different styles and sizes of bread. Each with their own name, own texture, and varied use. As it is with cheese. Hundreds of varieties are produced all over France, including delightful ones by small factories. Then of course there is wine, produced in the seven distinct wine regions of France. Food in France goes so far beyond the basics, where sometimes a simple meal can stretch on for hours, or maybe a dinner that last past midnight. Such is the passion of the French palate.

As France is known for culinary delights, Paris is the capital. Choices for food in Paris are all over town, from upscale hotels to intimate restaurants. Paris has a lot to offer. It's important to note the time when dining. A typical breakfast includes coffee and a bagel or fruit. The serious food in Paris isn't served until lunch, from about noon to two o'clock. Walk out of a museum at three, and you'll be hard pressed to find a full meal. Many restaurants close to prepare for the evening after two or two-thirty. They open again for dinner around five or six.

In addition, food in Paris is not restricted to traditional French delights. Cuisine from all over the world can be found in Paris, including Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and other international tastes. Fast food chains are rising in popularity due to convenience and there family oriented style.

Parisians take their meals seriously, and when dining in Paris it helps to show up in a relaxed frame of mind, and not be in too much of a hurry. Plan your meal times, don't rush, and dining in Paris and France will be a pleasant and tasty experience.

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