Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes is one of the most famous ski areas in all of Europe for a number of good reasons. The village itself sits at an elevation of over 5,400 feet and the resort’s lifts carry passengers as high as 11,800 feet. The name Les Deux Alpes (or the two Alps) is often thought to refer to the mountains on the ski area, but it actually is a reference to the two villages of Venosc and Mont de Lans. The towns are perched on either side of the plateau upon which the resort is built. Skiing in Les Deux Alpes is enjoyed year round by hardcore ski and snowboard enthusiasts who can do so thanks to the biggest skiable glacier on the continent. This resort is also well known for being the second oldes ski resort in France after Chamonix. You can reserve a booking at one of the Les Deux Alpes chalets and be on your way to an enchanting ski vacation at one of the most historic and thrilling ski areas in the world.

There are over 225 acres of skiable terrain, just in the area that comprises the actual Les Deux Alpes Resort. There is a huge selection of ski runs that will suit people of any age or level of experience. There is also a comprehensive ski school at the resort as well where children and adults alike can hone their skills before taking their newly found confidence out onto the slopes. And although there are plenty of designated areas for novices where you can feel completely safe and productive learning at your own speed, there are portions of the resort where skiing and snowboarding are only recommended for seasoned professionals.

Skiing in Les Deux Alpes is oftentimes not a task for the faint of heart. The top elevation of 11,549 feet is the first statistic that makes you realize this fact. The bottom elevation is 4,265 feet and the vertical drop is a cool 7,283 feet. Another indication of just what kind of ski area this is comes when you see that the longest ski run is 7.5 miles. Snowboarders will be interested in checking out the range of terrain parks and all first-time visitors should know there is a ski equipment rental shop, ski school, tons of restaurants, and lots of accommodations. Luxurious Les Deux Alpes chalets are just some of the options at your disposal when it comes to lodging in this desirable alpine paradise in France.

There is so much more to do besides just ski and snowboard at Les Deux Alpes, although some might argue that there is no point in doing anything else, given how awesome it is. There are however many places to visit where you can try out some of the gastronomic delights of the region, and if Les Deux chalets or other slope-side accommodations are not so much your speed, there are also a multitude of lodging options in the surrounding areas. Les Deux Alpes enjoys on of the loveliest locations of all the ski resorts in France and has a longstanding history that will be evident in the welcoming and inviting feel of the resort.

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