Lyon France is a historic metropolis with enough food and modern culture to satisfy every member of the family. Within striking distance of Switzerland, Italy, and the Alps, Lyon France is a cultural fest of restaurants, Renaissance buildings, and museums. The Romans made Lyon their second largest city behind their capital. Foreign merchants and bankers constructed mansions and pumped money into Lyon, and in the 18th century Lyon France became a prominent silk weaving center.

The Rhône river and the Saône river flow through Lyon France, creating a peninsula called Presqu'île, which is the modern center of Lyon. Restaurants, shops, museums, and the opera are highlights of this district. Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) was the heart of Renaissance culture, with cobblestone streets, 15th century mansions, and the famous traboules (pedestrian passageways) that run along the mansions, constructed to efficiently transport silk, the industry that influenced Lyon in the 18th century.

While on holiday in France, Lyon is a beautiful city to visit for its historic buildings. The Basilique de Notre-Dame, set on a hill with a striking white exterior, and a colorful, ornate interior with religious mosaics, can be seen through most of the city. It was built as a result of the Franco-Purssian war in the 19th century. The St. Jean Cathedral, started in the 12th century, has impressive columns and stained-glass windows, some of which were destroyed by the German occupation and have been replaced. A 14th century astronomical clock plays a hymn at noon, 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm, while automatons enact the Annunciation. All in all, while on holiday in France, Lyon is a striking and culturally diverse city to visit.

Lyon France is located 287 miles southeast of Paris, on the west edge of the Alps. Marseilles, a fascinating and historic town in its own right, is to the south. The luscious towns of Cannes, St. Tropez, and Nice lie on the nearby French Rivera. Switzerland and Italy spread out to the east, making Lyon France a great hub for a European holiday.

France towns have a reputation for being culturally affluent and Lyon is no exception. Like Paris, with its museums, restaurants, monuments, and shopping, including the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre museum, and Notre-Dame cathedral, Lyon France has a strong cultural heritage, dating back to Roman times.

As Lyon has a deeper history than anywhere else in France, it is one of the most historic, fascinating, and exciting towns to visit. There's plenty to do, from exploring ornate churches and historic museums (check out the Lyon City Card, for unrestricted access to all museums for 1, 2, or 3 days), to eating some of the best food in Europe, or discovering the famous silk industry and Lyon's Roman heritage.

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