Lyon Cruises

Lyon Cruises provide excellent opportunities to explore the wondrous French countryside and towns, with their rich wine regions, Roman remains, and Renaissance architecture. There are a variety of Lyon France river cruises to choose from that offer a number of different itineraries. One of the great advantages to booking one of these cruises is that you can select exactly what parts of the country you want to see, as well as what you want to do on excursions, tours, and activities. Any Rhone River cruise in Lyon you get the opportunity to take is guaranteed to be an amazing and memorable experience.

Many people choose to use Lyon cruises to explore the spectacularly prolific wine regions such as Burgundy and Beaujolais. You can embark upon one of the Saone River tours at the Chalons sur Saone, and then sail peacefully along the Saone before visiting highlights of the wine growing region in this area like Beaune and Burgundy. The excursions on these Lyon France river cruises are absolutely wonderful, as you not only get to explore the gorgeous vineyards, wineries, and growing fields, but also taste many of the best wines in the region. What an amazing time it is to be able to taste all of the wine and then simply get back on the boat without having to worry about getting yourself anywhere. Many of the Lyon cruises provide a relaxed experience that allow you to just kick back and enjoy the good life for a few days. You can select from a Rhone River cruise in Lyon or a Saone River cruise that lasts for four days, eight days, and a variety of other itineraries.

A common itinerary for a Rhone River cruise in Lyon is to visit the Tain l’Hermitage and Tournon, situated in the rich wine region along this fertile river plane. These growing areas are a sight to be seen and feature not only vast fields, but also beautiful and quaint homes, cafes, and historic monuments of interest. These Rhone River itineraries generally carry on to Avignon, which was the home of seven medieval popes. You can visit the Palace of the Popes and the Pont d’Avignon as a part of your excursion on one of these trips. Arles is the town where you end up before heading back to Lyon. In this old city you will see an amazingly preserved Roman amphitheater as well and a number of other historical monuments. The city of Arles was a major inspiration for many of the paintings of Vincent van Gogh.

There are also Lyon France river cruises that are specifically eight days long and tour the South of France, including Beaujolais and Maconnais. As you can see there are a wide variety of options for river cruises in Lyon. You may want to consider making this a full vacation by scheduling one of the longer cruises. This way you will get to relax but also see as much of Southern France, and the surrounding areas of Lyon as you possibly can. You can take part in as many of the excursions and organized tours as you want, or simply run off on your own. It is up to you to decide.

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