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Lyon restaurants can be found in great abundance in this city and lend to the reputation it has earned as the food capital of France, and the French capital of gastronomy. Dining in Lyon France is a serious and long-honored tradition and a big reason why travelers, both from abroad and within France, visit this wonderful region situated between Paris and Marseille. The Lyonnaise cuisine benefits from the fruitful region that surrounds the city. The fresh produce from the Rhone valley, fresh seafood from the lakes of Savoy, wild game from the Dombes region, fresh local meat from the farms of Bresse and Charolais, and wine from the likes of the nearby Beaujolais region all contribute to why your experience dining and drinking in Lyon is sure to be a delicious and memorable one.

There are several ways to enjoy the food and drink, as well as the tradition and experience that goes along with it, when you are visiting this capital of the Rhone-Alpes region in France. Dining in Lyon France can be enjoyed in one of the high-end restaurants with a big-name chef (not surprisingly, there are plenty of these in what is considered the capital of gastronomy in France), or in one of the many bouchons. The tradition of the bouchon bistros has been around in Lyon since the sixteenth century. These have become the most common, and perhaps the most plentiful of all the Lyon restaurants. There are over 1,000 restaurants in the city and many of them fall under this category. Essentially, these Lyon restaurants are known for serving hearty portions of traditional cuisine as well as regional wines. If you visit any one of these restaurants, you will see a bottle of Beaujolais or Cotes du Rhone on every single table. The Lyonnaise cuisine you will find at the bouchons is particularly yummy when paired with these desirable, local wines.

Some of the traditional dishes you will find at the bouchons include a variety of pork dishes served with soft cheese and herbs (Cervelle de Canuts), Lyonnaise salad, which consists of frisee lettuce, bacon, hardboiled eggs, and croutons, ham with lentils (Petit Sale), and that is just the beginning. Other local and traditional favorites that you will find when dining in Lyon France are andouillette (chitterling sausage), paillasson (fried potatoes), and quenelles (the famous dumplings cooled with butter, oil, and fish).

There are several areas of town that you should definitely consider visiting when it comes to finding awesome eateries to please the palates of everyone in your group. Some of these include Rue des Marronniers and the Rue Merciere. The one thing about the Rue Merciere is that it is the largest street for dining in Lyon and close to many major tourist attractions, and therefore you are likely to run into a lot of tourists and people walking at a slow clip, especially in the peak tourist season of spring and summer. It is something that you should definitely experience, but once you have found a couple of your favorite bouchons off the beaten path, you will likely want to return to these places. There are so many Lyon restaurants and bouchons, cafes and bars to enjoy, that you will have to make time to fit it all in during your trip to Lyon.

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