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Lyon events cover a wide spectrum of activities and attractions that draw millions of people from both inside France and from around the world every year. Besides a dynamic cultural environment year round that offers amazing architecture, world-class museums, prestigious restaurants, and brilliant parks, Lyon festivals add another dimension to the city that make it even more appealing. There is not one particular season wherein all of the best events in Lyon France take place. Rather, they happen throughout the year. The Festival of Lights is the main attractions in December, as the local population lights up the city in anticipation of the coming holidays. Springtime offers us the Musical Nights Festival (or Festival des Nuits Sonores), and the Vienne Jazz Festival and Fourviere Nights are each held in the summer. And these are just some of the amazing Lyon events that take place each and every year.

The tradition of the Lyon Festival of Lights dates back more than 150 years to the time when a statue of the Virgin Mary was inaugurated on Fourviere Hill. The four-day celebration, that is marked by people carrying candle lamps, and placing candles in their windows, as well as a full public display of many of the most significant buildings being lit up over the period, culminates in an array of processions, parades, and concerts. Thousands of visitors from around France and the rest of the world come to take part in the religious ceremonies, as well as to witness the truly awe-inspiring manner in which virtually the entire city is set to brilliant lights. The Festival of Lights is normally held around December 8. It is easily one of the most popular and best events in Lyon France.

The Nuis de Fourviere Festivals is held in August and brings together dance, theater, song, and a variety of other performance arts, all set to life in the amazing Roman ruins upon the Fourviere Hill. This is one of the most enchanting Lyon festivals, as you are in the remains of an outdoor amphitheater that dates back to the fourth century and the time of the Roman Empire. If you are planning to be in town during this time, it is an absolute must-see.

July is the months for some other amazing Lyon events like Art on the Square, which is one of the best contemporary arts festivals in France. Bastille Day is also celebrated on July 14. This is a time of great celebration in Lyon and you will witness street parties and amazing fireworks being set off everywhere. This is another great time to go to the city of Lyon.

The Red Carpet Antiques Festival draws thousands of eager visitors to the city each October. This is one of the most popular Lyon festivals for people looking to take advantage of the amazing offers on highly valuable antiques. A literal red carpet is rolled out onto Rue Auguste Compte, in the very center of the Antiques district in Lyon, and people are able to listen to music and enjoy fine food and drink while viewing the antique stands and stores.

Some of the other best events in Lyon France include the International New Generation Film Festival held every September and the Lyon International Fair held between mid and late March. Any and all events in Lyon make excellent things to do to add to your vacation itinerary.



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