Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights Lyon is one of the most highly anticipated annual events in this second largest metropolitan area in France. It is a widespread celebration that takes place every year from December 5 to December 8 to honor and celebrate the Virgin Mother of Jesus. Virtually every single household participates in the Light Festival in Lyon France. It is tradition for every household to line the exterior of their windows with candles, inspiring a beautiful and enchanting effect throughout the city. During the festival, known to locals as the Fete des Lumieres, many of the city’s best-known buildings are lit up with spectacular lighting schemes that are often accompanied by audio sound effects. There are also a wide variety of performances taking place around the city in the various arrondissements (not unlike a zip code). If you are planning to travel to Lyon in the month of December, you should seriously consider making your arrangements around this spectacular, four-day event.

The Fete des Lumieres features around 70 distinctive illumination projects around the city. Much of the attention is focused around the aesthetic wonders atop the Fourviere Hill and the Basilica of Fourviere, as well the Place des Terreaux, which features an array of brilliant installations and exhibits. For four enchanting days during the month of December, the Light Festival in Lyon France illuminates the entire city and inspires a wealth of emotions and sentiments, not the least of which are romance, appreciation, and excitement.

The origin of the Fete des Lumieres dates back to the seventeenth century when the city of Lyon was hit hard by plague. The municipal leaders swore to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary should she spare the town from abject annihilation. Ever since the city survived the grips of the plague, an annual procession has made its way to the Basilica of Fourviere in order to offer candles and prayers of gratitude to the Virgin Mary. The theme of candles and lights has expanded in meaning, significance, and application over the years to become the amazing Festival of Lights Lyon. The significance is not lost on the modern celebrations, as the locals take this celebration very seriously. It has just expanded to include a much more inclusive situation for tourists and the droves of people who come to Lyon to enjoy the visual and aural spectacle.

One of the highlights of the Light Festival in Lyon is the fireworks display at the Basilica of Fourviere. The Place Louis Pradel is transformed into an interesting botanical garden that features wild plants made of plastic and metal, and lit up in a variety of amazing ways. The Saint-Nizier Church is another of the most fantastic monuments that is illuminated during the four-day celebration, as is the formidable St Jean Cathedral. Many local establishments, including clubs, restaurants, pubs, and cafes all take part in this wonderful time of celebration. It is truly an ideal time for anyone to travel to Lyon and experience the very best of the city. The Festival of Lights Lyon has come to be known as one of the best annual events in this part of France and for very good reason.

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