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Lyon flights can be found from virtually anywhere in the world, but the prices you will pay for airfare will largely depend upon where you live and if there are any direct connections offered. People looking for cheap flights to Lyon from the United Kingdom, for instance, will have far greater success than those looking for similar flights that depart from the United States. One major reason for this is that there are no direct connections from the US to Lyon. Because of this, airfare to Lyon France can be quite costly, even when reservations are made months in advance. It is a completely different story if you are traveling from a destination inside of Europe.

Many cities, such as Paris, London, and Zurich, offer direct Lyon flights for relatively inexpensive rates. Since many more tourists visit the likes of Paris and London every year, it is much more possible to save money by booking a direct flight from New York to Paris, for instance, and then booking a separate cheap domestic flight to get you from Paris to Lyon. For those people committed to finding cheap flights to Lyon, there are ways to make it happen. Of course there are a number of hubs in the US that offer direct service to major cities inside Europe, including Dulles in Washington D.C., LAX in Los Angeles, and Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, to name just a few. Your overall airfare to Lyon France can be much less cost intensive if you weigh out the options of flying into a hub that offers direct connections from the US, and then make the final leg into Lyon on a much cheaper, domestic carrier, like any one of the Air France affiliates.

If your chief concern is spending as little time traveling as possible, as opposed to saving money, there are a variety of options for flights that leave from the United States, fly to Paris, and then connect to Lyon. Paris is only about one hour by air from Lyon, and depending upon where you are leaving from the States, you could certainly book longer and more laborious journeys. You can also consider the train if you catch a direct flight into Paris.

Whether you find cheap flights to Lyon, or buy expensive tickets because they get you there faster, you can plan on landing at Lyon-Saint Exupery International Airport. Named after the Lyon-born French writer, Antoine de Saint Exupery, this hub is located thirteen miles east of the city center and is efficiently coordinated with the public transportation system, making travel to virtually any part of the city from the airport a relative breeze. You can find a host of ground transportation services, including trains, light rail, rental cars, and shuttles that can take you into the city for a nominal cost. The Lyon-Saint Exupery International Airport provides foreign currency exchange, ATMs, and information services to make sure that you can have help if you need it when looking for assistance at the airport.

Airfare to Lyon France is not always the most inexpensive proposition, but once you arrive, you will realize that it has been worth the expense. Once you have your Lyon flights covered, you can move on to the fun part of plotting out the itinerary of your trip.

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