Fourviere Lyon

Fourviere Lyon is perhaps the most historic part of the entire city. It was the actual site of the original Roman city of Lugdunum that would ultimately become Lyon. Lugdunum rose out of Fourviere Hill as an early Roman settlement before becoming the medieval, capital city of Gaul. Nowadays it is an extremely popular destination for both residents of France and visitors from around the world, due in large part to the number of historical monuments such as the Basilica of Fourviere, and massive annual events like the Festival of Lights. There are a wide variety of things to do in Fourviere Lyon, and although the most alluring are perhaps the cultural and historic attractions, the area is not limited to just this. You will also find a nice selection of cafes and bouchons (restaurants serving hearty portions of local favorite foods and wine).

The Fourviere Basilica (or officially the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere) is a stunning example of Romanesque and Byzantine architecture, rising high atop the city upon Fourviere Hill. The four towers and one impressive bell tower of the basilica can be seen from many different vantage points around Lyon. There are several main points of interest that you should make a point of seeing if you plan to visit the Fourviere Basilica. The Museum of Sacred Art, the mosaics and stained glass, and the crypt of Saint Joseph are amongst the most notable. You simply cannot visit Fourviere Lyon and not witness this spectacular basilica. It is one of the best cultural gems in all of France.

Another of the most popular attractions on Fourviere Hill is the massive La Tour Metallique, which was constructed to look like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. At its highest point it is actually taller than its rival in Paris because of its position high atop Fourviere Hill. The Theatre Antique de Fourviere is another must-see as it is a wonderfully restored theater from the time of Gallo-Roman rule. L’Eglise Saint-Just is just one more of Lyon’s amazing sacred destinations, and one that is well worth visiting. Admission is free.

Besides visiting breathtaking churches and historic monuments, there are many other things to do in Fourviere Lyon that have everything to do with relaxation. There are some restaurants in the vicinity of the basilica. One restaurant that is right next to it features a glass wall that looks out over the city and the surrounding suburbs. An excellent idea might be to make your dinner reservations for just as the sun is beginning to set. This way, about half of the way through dinner, you will get to enjoy the city of Lyon being slowly lit up, building by building. There are also a variety of cafes and wine bars in the vicinity. The Fourviere Lyon area is known as a place of sacred and religious interest. It is referred to as “the hill that prays.” But it is also a place where you can have fun and enjoy a wonderful day of exploring and relaxing.

Other things to do in Fourviere Lyon include taking guided tours of the sacred destinations, walking through the famous traboules (covered passageways), or actually watching a show at the ancient Roman, Le Grand Theatre. This legendary place has hosted the likes of U2 and Oasis. No matter what you decide to do, you are sure to have a most memorable time in Fourviere.

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