Musee Gallo-Romain de Fourviere

The Musee Gallo-Romain de Fourviere is an incredible archaeological museum located on the Fourviere Hill. It is built into the hillside as if it were an archaeological finding itself. It is positioned adjacent to the Grand Theater and Odeon, the two most famous examples of Roman ruins in the city of Lyon. The Gallo Roman Museum Lyon is an interesting and thrilling ride into the past that allows you to see how life was all the way back in 43 BC, when the Roman settlement was founded. It was then called Lugdunum and ultimately became the capital city of Gaul. There is a long and important history contained within the city of Lyon, and the best way to learn about it, dating back to antiquity, is to pay a visit to the Musee Gallo-Romain de Fourviere.

Most of the items and artifacts on display at the Gallo Roman Museum in Lyon are discoveries unearthed from Lyon or the surrounding region. There are seventeen collections presented in seventeen different rooms, all with different themes to correspond with different times in the development of the city of Lugdunum. Among the treasures housed within the museum you will find sarcophagi, ancient inscriptions, antique art, daily objects, bronze tablets, and a whole host of other ancient items. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It costs less than five Euros for an adult to get in and there are discounts for large groups, school groups, children, and seniors.

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