Lyon Holidays

Lyon holidays provide a wonderful escape for anyone looking to enjoy an exciting getaway in southeastern France. Depending upon where your areas of interest lie, and what kind of vacation you are looking to have, you can plan your trip to suit your budget. Whether you are in search of cheap holidays in Lyon France or are committed to the idea of luxury holidays in Lyon, you should be able to find what it is you are looking for with a little advance planning.

Cheap holidays in Lyon France begin with timing your trip correctly and then booking it as far in advance as you possibly can. The spring and summer months are quite popular options of when to go to Lyon, for example, so you may end up paying a bit more for accommodations during this time. Any time you make your reservations in advance of your trip you will be likely to reap the benefits financially. You can also potentially save money by bundling your travel arrangements. For instance, you may find that you realize greater savings by bundling your airfare, hotel reservations, and rental car. If you are going for super cheap, there is definitely a way to do it once you have your airfare covered. Depending upon where you are traveling from, it is not likely to be exactly cheap to catch a flight to Lyon. That is unless (in certain cases) you are traveling from a destination closer by in Europe, for example.

Lyon holidays do not have to break the bank once you are there. There are many low cost options for accommodations including relatively cheap hotels and very cheap hostels. You can also take advantage of amazing opportunities for discounts and savings by using the Lyon City Card and the public transportation system. The Lyon City Card can be bought for one, two, or three days and entitles you to admission to nineteen of the most popular museums in the city, as well as unlimited use of the public transport system, a major money saver. Where there is a will, there is a way to have cheap holidays in Lyon France.

On the other hand, it is also quite possible to enjoy luxury holidays in Lyon. Lyon is after all the capital of Gastronomy in France and offers guests of the city many hundreds of restaurants, wine bars, cafes, and eateries where you can find pastries, chocolates, and many other sumptuous treats. The cheese, sausages, and bread are amazing as well. If you are looking for elegant Lyon holidays, your search will not only be satisfied by the wonderful gastronomic delicacies and treats around every corner.

There are many luxury accommodations in the city, including elegant hotels like the Grand Hotel Lyon, the Cour des Loges, the Radisson SAS, and the Park Inn Lyon Quest. Your luxury holidays in Lyon can also include trips to the Lyon Opera House, and wonders of architecture such as the stunning and awe-inspiring Notre Dame Basilica on Fourviere Hill. The luxury hotels in the city feature all of the amenities that modern travelers have come to expect including spas and fine dining onsite, as well as swimming pools, spacious suites, and 24-hour concierge assistance.

Lyon holidays can include trips to wonderful museums, exploring a great shopping scene (both high-end designer shopping and souvenirs and gifts), visiting historical attractions, and relishing in tons of cafes and restaurants.

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