Place Bellecour

Place Bellecour is a public square in Lyon France that is a central meeting place for residents and tourists. It is absolutely huge and tends to serve as a refocusing point for people exploring the city who may happen to get momentarily lost. Its size and scope must be seen to be truly appreciated. Its measurements qualify it as the biggest clear square in Europe, which simply means that it does not have any greenery such as trees or bushes. It is the third biggest square in all of France behind only Place de la Concorde in Paris and the Place des Quinconces in Bordeaux. Place Bellecour events include outdoor concerts, dining, and of course, shopping. Even as you look upon the majestic statue of Louis XIV with the Basilica of Fourviere in the distance, you are right in the middle of the entertainment and shopping district in Lyon.

The Statue of Louis XIV dominates the center of what was once called the Royal Square. Many people take the opportunity to stop at this area of the Place Bellecour to photograph the impressive statue with Fourviere Hill and its Basilica rising up behind it in the distance. The square was prized by the monarchy during the time of the Renaissance, but the French Revolution saw much of it destroyed. It was rebuilt largely under the rule of Napoleon. Today, people can enjoy this large outdoor square, complete with all of the shops and restaurants that line its perimeter. You can make a full day of fun just hanging around this area enjoying attractions like the Ferris wheel at Place Bellecour. This is another of the iconic attractions in the heart of Lyon. If you are planning to stay in this part of the city, or visit the Place Bellecour to add a little extra fun to your agenda. The Ferris wheel at Place Bellecour provides unbelievable vistas of Lyon lit up at night.

The Art on the Square biennial contemporary arts fair is just one of the Place Bellecour events that draws thousands of visitors to the Place Bellecour. Throughout the entire year, the opportunities for eating gastronomic delicacies, tasting wonderful wine, and experiencing the best in French boutique shopping, are virtually limitless. The official tourist office of Lyon is also located in Place Bellecour. You can purchase tickets to virtually any attraction, event, or show in the city from the tourist office. You can also find helpful information and resources here, including maps, information on public transportation, or assistance with finding particular areas of interest.

Some of the most alluring Place Bellecour events are simply the nights when the area restaurants and cafes light up their windows and offer a variety of musical performers outside. You can relax, take in the wonderful sights and sounds of the city, and eat and drink in the very capital of Gastronomy in France. After you photograph the impressive statue of Louis XIV and take a ride on the Ferris wheel at Place Bellecour, you will have hit the tourist highlights and will be free to kick back. The Place Bellecour is a definite must if you are near the Lyon city center. Another attractive and popular square in Lyon is Place des Terreaux.

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