Tignes is situated in the Tarentaise Valley in the Rhone-Alpes. Together with Val D’Isere, it comprises what is known as the Escape Killy ski area. There are a variety of activities and attractions at the Tignes ski resorts. Besides boasting over 185 miles of ski runs throughout the five villages of Tignes, there is also Tignes snowboarding and skiing in the summer on the glacier. Tignes is also known for half-pipes and snowboarding park. It is an absolutely breathtaking ski resort area that is located about two hours and forty-five minutes east of Lyon. It is well within range of several airports and international destinations including Grenoble, Lyon, and Geneva.

The five villages of Tignes are: Val Claret, Tignes Les Boisses, Tignes-les-Brevieres, Lignes le Lac, and Le Lavachet. Each one of the individual villages is considered to be a part of the Tignes ski resorts area. These runs and resorts are spectacular, as is evidenced by the fact that Tignes was the freestyle skiing venue of the 1992 Winter Olympics.

Awesome Tignes snowboarding and skiing are guaranteed, as this is one of the resorts where snow is an absolute lock in the winter months. The winter season is a long one in this area of the Rhone-Alpes. You will be able to enjoy expert skiing and snowboarding for approximately eight months out of the year. If you are an avid skier or a family looking to take an alluring ski vacation to the Rhone-Alpes, this is a desirable resort destination to be sure.

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