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Lyon tours offer visitors of this southeastern city in France the opportunity to explore the city in a comprehensive way and truly take away lasting memories from their trip. There is a broad selection of tours to choose from that highlight various parts of the town, including areas like the Presqu’ile, Fourviere Hill, and Vieux Lyon. Vieux Lyon tours are some of the most popular that are offered in the city as they take tourists inside this historically important part of the city that contains so many important examples of Renaissance architecture. It is one of the protected quarters in Lyon that sits at the foot of Fourviere Hill. There are a variety of tours to choose from, not only when it comes to destinations, but also how you want to explore them. There are self-guided and audio tours available for many of the most popular destinations, attractions, and areas of the city.

The official tourist office in Lyon (which can be located in the Place Bellecour) is the provider of most tours in town and has put together a number of itineraries for guests of the city. As mentioned before, you can take a tour with a guide or an audio tour in which you rent a little stereo with headphones along with an itinerary map. These audio tours of Lyon France are available in a number of languages, including English. For those people who prefer to explore completely on their own, figuring out things as they go along, the World Heritage Excursions book provides detailed itineraries and ideas for setting off on your own tours. This book is also available through the official tourist office in Lyon.

Your mode of transport is also something you can decide upon when it comes to Lyon tours. There are walking tours, bus tours, boat tours and cruises, and even jogging tours. Boat tours are an excellent way to visit the wonderful countryside around the city including the spectacular wine growing regions of Burgundy. You can take a day trip or a trip that lasts up to eight days and takes you back and forth from Lyon to Arles. Along the way you’ll visit places such as Avignon and Beaujolais. Bus tours of Lyon France are another fantastic way to hit all of the city’s main tourist highlights while also receiving narration from a knowledgeable guide. For anyone interested in getting a survey tour of the city before deciding which destinations to focus on more, it may be a good idea to book a short, two-hour bus tour that takes you to some of the main places like the Notre Dame Basilica, Vieux Lyon, and Fourviere Hill.

There are also tours of Lyon France that explicate the importance of the city’s most significant cultural attractions. There are many monuments, churches, buildings, and other remnants of the Middle Ages and Renaissance in the city that it takes a good tour to uncover all of the treasures. Vieux Lyon tours and tours of the rest of the Fourviere Hill area take three significant parts of the city: The Saint Jean quarter, the Saint-Paul section, and the Saint George section (where all of the silk workers used to be). Vieux Lyon tours are just some of the amazing tours you can take in Lyon. You can also rent a motorbike or bicycle and set off to explore on your own.



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