Lyon Trains

Lyon trains provide just one more convenient option for people looking to get around the city of Lyon or to the city of Lyon in an efficient manner. While you can get a rental car to get around town, the trains in this area are efficient and provide the perfect alternative if you don't want to drive. The Lyon France rail system includes metro trains, the high speed rail system (TGV), and major train stations like the Gare de Lyon that is linked up with the Eurostar and Eurorail train providers should you be interested in traveling to or from other major destinations around Europe. You do not have to fly to Lyon from places like London and Paris. Rather, you have the option of rather cost-effectively making the trip from Paris or London to Lyon by train.

The high speed Lyon trains service a number of destinations. Some of the destinations to the north include Brussels and Paris, and to the south, Marseille and Barcelona. There are two primary Lyon train stations: Lyon Part-Dieu and Lyon Perrache. The former has been built to accommodate the TGV, high speed trains, and is often used for longer journeys beyond the immediate region. The latter is an older Lyon France rail station that serves primarily domestic trips. Both of these major train stations can accommodate TGV trains. Other railway stations include the Gare de Lyon Saint-Exupery (the in-house station at the international airport), Gorge de Loup, Vaise, and St. Paul. Depending upon which part of the city you are staying in or where you are planning to travel around the region by train, you will likely be using one of these stations.

The metro Lyon trains provide a cheap and easy way for anyone to get around the city. They are conveniently located throughout Lyon and can take you straight to a number of things to do and attractions. You can purchase a Lyon City Card and have unlimited access to the public transport system for well under twenty Euros. This is an excellent way to save a significant amount of money when using the Lyon France rail system. If you are simply using the public transport system to get you from point A to point B around the city, then back to your hotel or area you are staying in, it really pays to look into the Lyon City Card for serious savings on inter-city travel.

For those people looking to shape up specific itineraries, like a trip from London to Lyon by train, there are several options. You can use the Eurostar and TGV trains, but in order to save as much money as possible you will need to make your reservations well in advance. It’s about a four-hour trip from London to Paris, where you will arrive at the Gare du Nord train station. At this point you have several options for choosing among TGV trains to take you the rest of the way to Lyon. There are often cheap flights from London Stansted to Lyon Saint Exupery International Airport using Easyjet, but if you want to experience the passing landscape then it is best to travel from London to Lyon by train. No matter what you choose, you will be treated to beautiful vistas of the fleeting countryside as you travel from one enviable destination in Europe to the next.

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