Lyon Vacations

Lyon vacations are a popular option for many international travelers. There is a broad range of attractions and activities and a rich cultural tradition that includes everything from Renaissance architecture to fine wines. Lyon vacation packages can lighten the financial burden if you find the right one and try your best to plan as far in advance as possible. If you are traveling from the United States, the most expensive part of the trip may be your flight to get there. There are no direct flights from the United States to Lyon, but there are many options for flights that lay over in London and Paris, as just two examples. Flights from within Europe tend to be much less expensive and there are viable options for high speed rail. You can, however, bundle your airfare with your car rental and accommodations and oftentimes realize significant savings this way. Cheap Lyon vacations are within your reach if you just do a bit of planning.

Once you have taken a look at what kinds of Lyon vacation packages are available, you can begin to take account of what ways you can save while in the city. One great way to do this is to utilize the public transportation system. If you are staying near the city center, you may want to consider not renting a car. You can save a little more money this way. The point is that you will likely not need a car if you are staying anywhere near downtown because of the highly connected metro system. Many hotels and hostels are located right by metro stops, making it very easy to get around to the various attractions around the city such as the Place Bellecour and Fourviere Hill. Lyon vacations do not have to be prohibitively expensive.

It will also really help you to purchase a Lyon City Card if you are looking for cheap Lyon vacations. This valuable card grants you admission to nineteen of the city’s best museums and cultural attractions as well as unlimited access to the metro system. It is your all-access pass to the metro. This is an asset for anyone who wants to do as much exploring as possible while visiting Lyon. You can purchase the Lyon City Card for one, two, or three days. Cheap Lyon vacations are much more plausible when you use public transport rather than getting a rental car.

Luxury Lyon vacations are what many other people are seeking out, and they can most certainly be found. There are elegant, five star hotels throughout the city as well as estate-like vacation rentals and villas in wine country and the other alluring surrounding areas of Lyon. The Lyon Opera House, fine dining, wine tasting in Burgundy, boat tours of southern France, are just some of the aspects of a luxurious vacation in the capital city of the Rhone-Alpes region. Luxury hotels like the Sofitel, the Grand Hotel Lyon, the Cour des Loges, and the Villa Florentine rival many of the best hotels in other top destinations like Paris and Cannes. There are Lyon vacation packages that feature all-inclusive stays at some of the finest resorts in the area. Lyon vacations can be shaped to your exact specifications.

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