Aix en Provence Hotels

Aix en Provence hotels can be found all over this quaint city located twenty miles north of Marseille. The Mediterranean climate, vibrant art scene, thermal springs, and gorgeous limestone mountain ridges are just a few of the reasons why tourists have made this town an increasingly popular international destination, especially for those already visiting Marseille. There are a wide variety of Aix en Provence accommodations, from hotels and villas to vacation rentals, and even a few budget accommodations. There are options for just about anyone looking for lodging in Aix en Provence.

The Hotel Cezanne is a boutique hotel located in the heart of the city that celebrates the artist Paul Cezanne (he spent much time in Aix en Provence). This is one of the Aix en Provence hotels that features and celebrates the unique and contemporary exterior as well as interior design of the hotel itself. Although the rooms are somewhat on the small side, they are gorgeous and distinctively designed with an eye to an artistic sensibility. The main features of this hotel are the design and the awesome proximity to top attractions in the city including the museums, cafes, and historical monuments. You won’t find much in the way of added amenities, but you may find that you would not want anything more than what you will find at this hip and trendy hotel in the heart of town. This is certainly one of the Aix en Provence accommodations that is perfectly suited for the artistically inclined, and those who are interested in the history of this town as an artist commune, visited by the likes of Paul Cezanne and Ernest Hemingway.

The Hotel Des Quatre Dauphins is another fine example of great lodging in Aix en Provence that is conveniently located in the heart of the town. This former private mansion is specifically situated in Mazarin district in the heart of town. This is one of the Aix en Provence hotels that is decorated and designed in a distinctly Provencal style that celebrates the culture and tradition that is alive and well in the customs of the people of southeastern France. From this starting point you will be able to enjoy the best that Aix en Provence has to offer, from local food and wines, to the many fountains, boutiques, and quaint cobblestone roads. It is one of the best hotels for people looking to stay in a traditional-style hotel without spending too much money.

The Grand Hotel Roi Rene Aix en Provence (pictured) is an upscale hotel where guests will be pampered with the most pleasing amenities and spacious, comfortable guestrooms and suites. This is an example of lodging in Aix en Provence that is just steps from the Cours Mirabeau (the center of tourist and most shopping activity in the town) as well as the business district. There is an expansive terrace that provides lovely views of the sea, an outdoor swimming pool, spa services, onsite dining, and a range of other alluring amenities. The 24-hour concierge staff speaks Italian and English and is at your service to help with making any arrangements you need.

Other Aix en Provence accommodations of note include the Artea, Hotel de France, Hotel des Augustins, and the Villa Gallici Hotel.

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