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Marseille bed and breakfasts provide a nice alternative to the usual hotel stay. Marseille is the oldest city in France and has a distinctively historic charm that translates to many of the accommodations in and around the city. There are few better examples of this charm and character than the Marseille bed and breakfast inns. This is one type of Marseille B&B that is quite different than many others you will find in peoples’ homes and in smaller, apartment-like B&Bs. You will also be able to experience the warmth and character of Marseille at these places as well. One of the main advantages of renting a Marseille B&B is that you can be very selective with everything from style and size to location and amenities. There is also an Aix en Provence bed and breakfast for virtually everyone’s desired experience located in this enchanting town about twenty miles north of Marseille.Two good example of these include La Pauline and Une Chambre en Ville.

One place where you can enjoy the characteristic charm of the city is in the Vieux Port. There are plenty of Marseille bed and breakfasts located throughout this portion of the city, like the B&B Marseille Le Roche (pictured), that not only contains a wide range of historical monuments, but also seemingly countless restaurants, cafes, and stores. If you want to stay in the heart of the city, there is no better location for an Aix en Provence bed and breakfast than in the Vieux Port. Attractions in the area include the Hotel de Ville, the fortresses of Saint Nicholas and Saint Jean, and the Chateau de Pharon. As you meander through the streets and the harbor you will witness many fine examples of classic architecture, not only in the tourist attractions and the monuments, but also in the city’s homes. Many of the best Marseille bed and breakfasts are located within the homes of residents of this gorgeous town in the southeast of France on the Mediterranean.

There are also many viable Marseille bed and breakfasts on the coast featuring stunning views of the crystalline Mediterranean Sea. These can be found up and down the Mediterranean coast in places like Toulon and Cassis. An Aix en Provence bed and breakfast on one of the coastal areas is the perfect situation for those people who wish to stay close to the sea and all of the water sports and activities available in Marseille. These include sailing, swimming, and much more. If you want to wake up to the Mediterranean Sea outside your window, you can do so at one of these accommodations.

Marseille bed and breakfast inns are somewhat different than the single home or apartment-like accommodations you will find in many parts of the city close to the center. Rather, these accommodations tend to offer a variety of options to suit several visitors staying at the same time. These inns also may offer more in the way of communal options like gardens, pools, laundry service, and other such amenities. Of course, if you are staying in someone’s home and they are renting it out as a B&B, they will likely be able to supply you with all that you need as well. It is just a matter of you determining what you require in terms of space, style, and location.

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