Marseille Car Rentals

Marseille car rentals can be found at a variety of locations around the city, including the international airport. You have the option of renting Marseille airport car rentals upon arrival at the terminal, though it is highly advised to make your reservations in advance to avoid price gouging and ensure availability. As the third largest metropolitan area in France behind Paris and Lyon, Marseille is very well connected with a thorough system of motorways, as well as metro and long distance trains. But for those people who wish to have the ability to explore around the city and visit destinations like Toulon and Cassis, it may be best to get a rental. If you are searching for a budget car rental Marseille, you will be able to find one given the right amount of advance planning. There is also Marseille car hire available for people who may be interested in securing a more luxurious car, for example.

An important note is that you must be 25 years old to rent a car in France. You also will need to have held your license for at least one year in your native country. There is a surcharge for additional drivers under 25 and you must use a car seat for children three years and younger.

One of the easiest ways to find Marseille car rentals is to simply make your reservations to pick up a car at Marseille Provence International Airport. This is the airport that you will be flying into from most international destinations. You can find budget car rental Marseille on the ground floor of the airport where you will have the choice between a wide selection of reputable Marseille airport car rentals. Marseille Provence International Airport is located about seventeen miles to the northwest of Marseille in Marignane. Many of the top hotels offer shuttle service back and forth between the airport, but some people will need four wheels of their own in order to satisfy their craving to see as much of Marseille and the surrounding areas as possible.

There is so much to do and see in this city of art and culture within the reach of the metro trains, but on the other hand, there are many sights and attractions of interest in neighboring areas along the breathtaking Mediterranean coast. Many people will find it interesting to visit attractions like the charming fishing village of Callelongue, or perhaps the Sainte-Baume mountain range to the east. Artists of all stripes make it a point to visit the artists’ colony of l’Estaque. The natural beauty of the countryside and coastal areas along the Mediterranean provide some of the most enchanting vistas in the entirety of southeast France. A budget car rental Marseille will allow you to get out and explore all of these destinations without breaking the bank. After all, you will want to keep as much of your vacation budget in your pocket as you can so you can explore the amazing sights and sounds, gastronomy, culture, and beauty of Marseille.

Marseille car rentals will not be hard to come by if you do not make a reservation to pick up a vehicle at the airport. Just like in any other major city, there are countless companies that offer everything from economy cars to limousines and luxury automobiles. If you are staying at a hotel, take advantage of the concierge services if you need help with the language or covering any last minute details.

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