Cassis France
Cassis France

Cassis is a small port city and commune located about twelve miles to the east of Marseille in southeastern France. This gorgeous and largely unspoiled, one-time fishing village was occupied as early as 600 BC. It grew in population and developed economically because of its proximity to Marseille and its function as a busy seaport. Today, Cassis France tourism is very popular, especially in the late spring and summer months, when people travel to the south of France to enjoy the lovely Mediterranean climate and culture. There are a wide variety of things to do in Cassis France, from dining at fine restaurants and shopping at a range of shopping boutiques and markets, to stopping in at the local art galleries and chic cafes. This resort community on the Mediterranean Sea retains its cultural luster and also offers guests all of the benefits of a popular tourist destination. You will certainly have no trouble finding a place to enjoy a wonderful meal, a locally made glass of wine, or an awe-inspiring stroll.

Cassis Beaches
Cassis Beaches

Cassis is a gorgeous natural setting where you will see rolling vineyards, olive and fig trees, picturesque beaches, and the awe-inspiring calanques. The quaint harbor area is the perfect place to take in the raw beauty of the town. If you are at all interested in sampling the local wines and traditional food, one of the first things to do in Cassis France is to head to one of the local restaurants or cafes. Most establishments along the harbor enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea with its beaches and rocky cliffs. Cassis is best known for its range of white wines as well as its rose. Though it is not nearly as productive a wine growing region as Burgundy, for instance, it is nonetheless a fruitful region that produces a fine selection of unique vintages. A large part of Cassis France tourism involves the ability to savor some of the best food and wine available in the southeast portion of France. Many of the same dishes that are prevalent in Marseille are also favorites in Cassis. So, to begin your exploration of Cassis, consider sitting down with your itinerary at a quaint café with a bowl of bouillabaisse and a rose wine, and take it at your own pace from there.

Cassis Market
Cassis Market

Every Wednesday and Friday there is an open air market in the main square, the Place Baragnon. You will find some of the most delectable items that are unquestionably representative of the finest fruits of the Provencal region. These include a range of cheeses, olives, fruit, seafood, and much more. As you meander through the streets and through the marketplaces, you will notice that there are also a number of trails for walking and biking. For the more adventurous tourists, there are a variety of other things to do in Cassis France including rock climbing, sailing, diving, and fishing. One of the great things about any trip to Cassis is that you are also within very close proximity of Marseille, the third largest metropolitan area in France. This means that you can explore all that this international city has to offer while being able to retreat to the peace and quiet of your Cassis hotel at night. Cassis France tourism gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of the good life on the Mediterranean.

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