Marseille Cruises

Marseille cruises are popular for people who have extra time to spend traveling to the southeast of France as well as people who are taking cruises from Marseille to other Mediterranean destinations. Marseille is the busiest port city in France and as such, there are several areas to pick up boats, whether ferries, cruise ships, or rentals. Some boats dock in the Vieux Port, and there are two primary, commercial piers, both located north of this area. This is the area people refer to generally as the Marseille cruise port. Many of the other places within the greater Marseille cruise port are known as modular ports as they are used to meet the ever-changing needs of all of the crafts coming in and out of the Bay. You only have to see the city of Marseille on a map to realize why there is not just one but many areas for embarkation along the coast.

Marseille cruise excursions are also extremely popular for people taking international trips, as this old city in France is a virtual treasure trove of historic and cultural value with many top attractions and exciting activities. One tip that is well worth noting here is that the Marseille cruise port and all of the modular ports and piers within it are located in industrial areas of the city, so unless you have already arranged for a transfer from the ship to your accommodation, you will need to be prepared to pay for a cab or take public transportation. On the other hand, it is very easy to arrange for a transfer for virtually all Marseille cruises. If you have made plans for specific Marseille cruise excursions through the cruise carrier you are taking, there is already likely to be transport planned for all of the passengers who are following that particular itinerary.

There are a wide variety of Marseille cruise excursions from walking and guided tours of the Vieux Port and attractions like the Palais Longchamp and Notre Dame de la Garde to Le Panier and the alluring Aix-en-Provence just north of Marseille. Once your cruse ship arrives, you will be free to explore this historic city at your leisure. Depending upon your interests, you can fill all of your time with sightseeing, or just relax in the Mediterranean sun, enjoying all of the water sports and activities associated with this coastal port city.

There is also a nice selection of international Marseille cruises with all kinds of itineraries. For example, Costa Cruises has an itinerary that includes stops in Marseille, Naples, Palma de Mallorca, and Tunis. This particular cruise departs from Barcelona. There are also cruises that leave from Marseille and visit some of the most enviable destinations along the Mediterranean coast, not only in France, but also in Greece, Italy, and other alluring places. Oceania Cruises offers a fourteen-night trip with stops in Sorrento, Amalfi, Civitavecchia, Marseille, and several other appealing destinations. Whether departing from or heading to this port city in the south of France, Marseille cruises are guaranteed to be memorable, especially because of the fantastic scenery of the city and the sea.

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