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Marseille restaurants are easy to find in this large metropolitan area in France. Marseille dining is one of the major appeals of visiting this popular destination. There is a long history and tradition of gastronomy alive and well in Marseille, as is the case with many of the other cities in France including Paris and Lyon. The food is distinctive and delicious and you only have to visit one of the seafood restaurants in Marseille to see just how important the ocean is to this city’s way of life, including the food. The food of Marseille is dominated by delectable dishes that are composed, in large part, of fresh seafood. People who visit this seaport in the southeast of France will be able to tell right away that they have found something special when it comes to gastronomy. From the ubiquitous bouillabaisse to the local favorite bourride (a dish composed of monkfish, mayonnaise, and a variety of vegetables), you will be able to find something to please everyone’s taste buds in your group.

Just like any major international city, Marseille offers a broad spectrum of options when it comes to food. There are Marseille restaurants for virtually every kind of cuisine, from Asian and Italian to Spanish and Greek. But if you are traveling to the southeast of France anyway, you may as well experience the best that the region has to offer. Even the most picky food and beverage aficionado in Paris would tell you that the food of Marseille is some of the very best that France has to offer. There are several dishes that need to be at the top of your list of things to try as you plan your Marseille dining experience.

First and foremost, you must try the local bouillabaisse, a favorite of residents and tourists of Marseille alike. Bouillabaisse is fish soup that features a number of different kinds of fish, shellfish, and vegetables. It is served with toasted bread (croutes) and grated cheese. You should consider asking the server at whatever Marseille restaurant you choose to bring you some fougasse (a typical bread of the Provencal region) to dip into your bouillabaisse. Two sauces, aioli and tapenade, are also made to exquisite proportions in Marseille and can be eaten with everything from fried potatoes to bread. The typical aioli in Marseille is composed of garlic, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and eggs. The traditional tapenade is a paste composed of capers, olive oil, anchovies, and chopped olives. As mentioned above, bourride is a local favorite that you will be able to enjoy at many of the traditional Marseille dining establishments. This traditional food of Marseille can be served alongside ratatouille and saffron rice, or in any number of other delicious combinations. At virtually every Marseille restaurant, you will have the option of eating seafood that was literally caught that very day. From fresh sea bass and swordfish to crab and mussels, the seafood in France does not get a whole lot better than that which you will encounter in Marseille.

Many hotels have fine dining options right on their premises, but if your place of lodging does not, an excellent place to look for some of the best restaurants in town is around the Vieux Port where you will find other things to do as well.

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