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Marseille flights can be reserved for a reasonable price given enough advance planning and a little comparative shopping. Cheap Marseille flights are not always the easiest to find, but doing your research well before your trip will at least allow you to find the best deal that is available at the time. A great way to research your options, as well as look for hotel deals or vacation packages, is to use the booking tool located on this page. This will allow you to compare deals across several booking websites.

There are no direct flights from the United States to Marseille, but a number of airlines offer flights with only one connection. You can fly to Marseille from New York JFK, for instance, and lay over in Paris before the final leg of your trip. Most small hubs within the United States will require a connection at a larger airport before a cross-continental trip. One way to save money on your Marseille airfare is to see if there are any great deals on tickets from one airport to another within the US. If you are flying from an area that will require two connections, sometimes it is well worth it to book the flights separately.

All Marseille flights land at Marseille Provence International Airport. The airport is located in Marignane, just about sixteen miles from the city center. There are two terminals at Marseille Provence, one serving international flights and another serving budget flights from within Europe and also from North Africa. It is one of the busiest airports in France with over 6 million people passing through its gates annually. There are facilities for virtually any need, from business centers and luggage storage space to lounges, restaurants, and cafes. As is the case with the other major international airports in France, including those in Paris and Lyon, you will have a range of services at your disposal as well. You will have no problem finding information services desks to assist with car rentals, ground transportation, or any other of your trip planning needs. If you can manage to save some money on your Marseille airfare, you can begin your vacation right at the airport and treat yourself to any number of goodies at the boutiques, cafes, and stores.

One strategy for finding cheap flights to Marseille is to look at bundled vacation packages. Many times you can save a significant amount of money by booking your hotel and rental car, for instance, along with your Marseille airfare. If you are planning to travel around to see the various towns and coastal attractions along the Mediterranean Sea, you may need a car, and you will also want to find the right accommodations for you. You will definitely save money by booking your hotel and rental car as far in advance as you can anyway, but if you are already in need of covering all three bases, you may as well see if you can bundle your package and save money in the meantime. Cheap flights to Marseille can also be found from hubs throughout Europe via several European budget airlines. These often fly out of smaller airports, but are increasingly departing from major hubs as well. Landing in London and taking a local airline from there to your final destination can be a great option to save a few hundred dollars. Once you have everything sorted with your Marseille flights, you can begin the fun part of planning your itinerary of places to go and things to see.

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