The Luberon Massif is a mountain range in the southeastern part of France about 40 miles north of Marseille. The area simply referred to as the Luberon includes the Luberon Massif as well as all of the towns and villages of the surrounding areas that spread out for approximately 35 miles in either direction of the range. There are all kinds of Luberon tours, including brief, guided tours of some of the top attractions as well as much more relaxed, week-long itineraries, for example, that allow you to see all of the sights and enjoy this idyllic setting in absolute peace and tranquility.

Gordes France
Gordes France

The Luberon Massif is comprised of three different mountain ranges: the Big Luberon, the Little Luberon, and the Oriental Luberon. When you take a trip from Marseille to Luberon, you will perhaps first notice how different it is, even as it is only 40 or so minutes away. There are literally dozens of little towns that are each distinctive and unique in their own ways. If you are thinking of arranging Luberon tours, you will also discover that there are virtually unlimited options when it comes to itineraries. Whether it is Cavaillon or Gordes in the Vaucluse portion of the Luberon, or Dauphin or Lurs in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, you will encounter an easy way of life that depends heavily on the richness of the agriculture of the region. Not only is there an incredible amount of food and wine that is produced in the region, but the land is also home to an amazing diversity of wildlife, flora, and fauna.

There are some 1,500 species of plants, 17,000 species of insects, over 340 species of vertebrates, and over 130 species of birds. The topographical wonders of Marseille, including the harbor and the calanques inlets between Marseille and Cassis are breathtaking to say the least. When you make the trip from Marseille to Luberon, you will have the distinct pleasure of enjoying even more of the loveliness of this portion of France. Many would argue that the land of the Luberon is among the most naturally beautiful in the entire country.

Luberon Villages
Luberon Villages

You can easily take a trip from Marseille to Luberon if you already have plans to visit the second largest city in France. It is a popular destination for many people from the likes of the US and England, as well as residents of France who come to take in the gorgeous and quaint towns, the cultural attractions, the cozy accommodations and hotels, and the riches that come from the Provencal soil here. You will certainly not have any shortage of things to do in Luberon France. The key is to take it at a slow enough pace to be able to enjoy it thoroughly. After you arrive, you will notice that it is simply the way of life in Luberon to go slowly and enjoy the wine, food, and culture of warmth all around. Explore all of your options for Luberon tours to discover the wide variety of itineraries that you can take advantage of should you decide to visit this part of southeastern France.

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