Luberon Provence Holiday Rental

A Luberon Provence holiday rental allows people the opportunity to stay in one of the most alluring parts of southern France. Located just about 40 minutes north of Marseille, the Luberon, which includes the formidable ridges of the Luberon Massif, is a large area that stretches roughly 35 miles in either direction of the mountains. Within this space there are dozens of small towns that feature many different styles of accommodations, from small apartment-like quarters in guesthouses, to opulent estates in the countryside. Whether you are looking for a weekend accommodation in Luberon Provence or are planning an extended stay, you are sure to find something that suits your exact needs and desired experience.There are a variety of tourist offices and realty companies that can help making your detailed planning more organized.

Luberon Provence Holiday Rental
Luberon Provence Holiday Rental

Different towns in the Luberon provide completely different settings. Apt, a small village in the Luberon Valley offers a tranquil and serene setting in the Vaucluse region, as does Cereste in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region, but each one has its own cultural flavor. As you begin your search for a Luberon Provence holiday rental, you will quickly see that the difference between a setting amidst olive groves or vineyards, rolling country hills or quaint village streets, may inform your final decision about where to stay. You can rent a weekend accommodation in Luberon Provence that features everything from a huge swimming pool and furnished terrace, to entertainment rooms and workout facilities. Amenities are never an issue at the large homes that you can rent in this part of France. The real challenge is deciding which part of the Luberon to stay in.

The Luberon is known not only for the natural beauty of the Luberon Massif, but also for its amazing biodiversity. This region is home to tens of thousands of species of birds, animals, plants, and insects. It seems to have just as many little features, whether fountains or rural houses, historic churches or quaint restaurants. You will want to pick your location carefully. But when it is all said and done, it is hard to imagine any Luberon Provence holiday rental ending up a disappointment.

Some of the larger holiday accommodations in the Luberon are utterly breathtaking. Many of these residences are the vacation homes of private owners who only rent out the property a select amount of times over the course of the year. You will be able to enjoy all of the amenities and accommodations of home, as long as your home is a mansion-like estate. Of course, these are not the only kinds of accommodations in the Luberon, but if you are traveling with a big enough group and can split the cost several ways, you may be surprised how affordable a home like this can be on a nightly basis. If you are only looking for a weekend accommodation in Luberon Provence and you really want to go all out, you can split the cost with the others in your group and experience the best of the good life in the south of France. You have to see the pictures of some of these homes to believe how gorgeous they are. Swimming pools, solariums, and saunas just scratch the surface when it comes to luxury amenities.

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