Marseille Museums

Marseille museums are an important aspect of the cultural dynamic of this second largest city in France. Marseille itself has a long and rich history as the oldest city in France, settled around 600 BC. The city is one of diverse museums that cover a range of subject matter, from ancient history and natural history to modern art and contemporary design. There are a variety of important art museums in Marseille, which is not surprising when you consider the importance of Marseille in French history.

Various parts of the city have been popular destinations for significant artists over the years, including Auguste Renoir, Paul Cezanne, and Ernest Hemingway. There are also Marseille history museums that cover topics from Marseille’s own ancient history to the natural history of this port city on the Mediterranean. Perhaps the best part of visiting the various Marseille museums is that many of them are housed in amazing buildings, including actual palaces. There is a museum in Marseille for just about anyone’s interests.

The Musee d’Histoire Naturelle is one of the finest Marseille history museums. It is located in the right wing of the spectacular Palais Longchamp on the Boulevard Longchamp in the center of the city. This impressive museum features a massive hall dedicated to zoology of the world as well as over 400 million years of Provencal history. You will also enjoy a wonderful scientific library that has a number of features for both children and adults.

The Musee d’Archeologie Mediterraneenne is housed within the Vieille Charite in the gorgeous Luberon, located approximately 40 minutes north of Marseille. It features a wide variety of items and artifacts that speak to the historical and cultural development of this part of the Mediterranean. There is an amazing Egyptian collection that is well worth the modest cost of admission all on its own. The musee d’Archeologie Mediterraneenne is another of the best Marseille history museums.

The Musee du Vieux Marseille is another of the best Marseille museums, located in one of the best parts of town, the Vieux Port. It is housed within the fantastic Maison Diamantee, a beautiful seventeenth-century structure in the heart of the Viuex Port. There are exhibits and displays that engage the subject of how people lived in centuries past in Marseille.

For those people more interested in exploring the art museums in Marseille, you will have no shortage of alluring options at your disposal. The Musee des Beaux Arts is located in the left wing of the Palais Longchamp, and features two levels that display seminal artists of the recent past, including Rubens, Carrache, Perugin, and Courbet. There is also a specific emphasis in certain parts of the museum on the Provencal School from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. Some of these treasured local artists include Puget, Mignard, Loubon, and Serre.

The Musee de la Mode is one of the niche art museums in Marseille. It is dedicated to French fashion and addressing the ever-changing French fashion trends in over 2,000 exhibits spread throughout the chic Espace Mode Mediterranee. Other notable Marseille museums include the Musee du Santon, the Musee d’Art Contemporain, and the Musee des Docks Romains.

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Marseille Museums


Marseille museums are an important aspect of the cultural dynamic of this sec...

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