Notre Dame de la Garde Marseille

Notre Dame Marseille
Notre Dame Marseille

Notre Dame de la Garde Marseille is a major tourist attraction and one of the marquee Catholic churches in France. The palatial basilica in Marseille France sits aloft the very highest point of this lovely port city on the Mediterranean Sea. The 530-foot Neo-Byzantine church can be seen from virtually all points around Marseille and the panoramic views of the city from the church can be described as nothing less than inspiring. Notre Dame Marseille is situated in the Vieux Port, arguably the most popular attraction for visitors of Marseille, with its many cafes, boutiques, restaurants, and historical monuments. Even in a city that contains amazing works of architecture like the Marseille Cathedral and the Palais Longchamp, Notre Dame de la Garde Marseille tops them all, not only in terms of size and opulence, but also in terms of history and cultural significance in the region.

There are a variety of features on the exterior as well as the inside of the church that contribute to making this place as special as it is. The bell tower is one such feature, standing at an impressive 130 feet. There is a sprawling staircase that gives visitors access to the top terrace and massive statue of the Virgin Mary located at the top of the bell tower. The tower complements the overall architectural genius and integrity of the structure, which employs a variety of different-colored stones to provide a truly unique look. The side walls of the nave, and the dome viewed from the outside are also amazing.

And although the exterior of the church is stunning in its stature and attention to detail, there is perhaps nothing more impressive at the Basilica in Marseille France than the ornate upper chapel, dedicated to the Virgin Mother. From the elaborate mosaics and colored marble to the impressive statues and amazing works of art, Notre Dame Marseille was indeed meant to be a place worth for a dedication to the mother of Jesus. It was certainly considered to be one of the finest examples of this kind of architecture at the time it was constructed and is still treasured around the world. There are side chapels, vaults, domes, a crypt, and virtually limitless things to explore around every corner at the Basilica in Marseille France. For true lovers of history and culture, especially those with an affinity for classical churches, this is an absolute must-see if you are planning a trip to Marseille.

Notre Dame de la Garde Marseille is only one of many tourist attractions in the city, but it seems to always rank highly in terms of popularity with international tourists. This is no mistake. Notre Dame Marseille is one of the truly inspiring works of architecture in France, a country that contains quite a few such things. The attractions of Marseille are worth a look, and make fine complements to time spent relaxing in the Mediterranean sun. You will not be disappointed for having taken a couple of hours to enjoy and appreciate the true splendor of this spectacular basilica in Marseille France.

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