Marseille Vacation Rentals

Marseille vacation rentals come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, locations, and price points. Marseille enjoys an idyllic position along the Mediterranean coast in southeastern France and offers guests of the city access to all kinds of activities and attractions. The city is known both for its cultural and historic monuments and attractions as well as its reputation as an enviable Mediterranean destination where you can enjoy everything from yachting and sailing to swimming and sun bathing. There is a Marseille apartment rental for virtually everyone’s needs, whether you are looking for a tiny, one-bedroom studio or a larger place to meet the requirements of a group of friends or a family.

One of the first places that people begin looking for a Marseille apartment rental is in the Vieux Port. This is the cultural epicenter of the city, featuring countless cafes and restaurants, bars and stores. One can spend hours wandering through the streets witnessing local artisans, strolling through open-air markets, and generally enjoy the slow pace of vacation in the relaxed environment of this Mediterranean seaport. If you do end up deciding on a Marseille apartment rental within the Vieux Port, you will have easy access to the metro system as well as the ferries that depart from within the Vieux Port to the Frioul Islands, including the Chateau d’If. Shopping, dining, entertainment, and the arts are all a part of the way of life in this part of town that so genuinely reflects the cultural heritage of Marseille.

For where to find your ideal vacation rental, there are many sources. Check private owner sites, and rental listings, but also contact tourism offices in the city where you are searching to find out if there are any that are well recommended.

Marseille Travel
Marseille Travel

One of the reasons that so many people choose to vacation in Marseille is the proximity it enjoys to a wide range of other enviable locations. In less than a half hour you can be in places like Toulon, Cassis, and the Frioul Islands, and there are accommodations in nearly all of them. You can find a nice Aix-en-Provence apartment rental as easily as you can find one in downtown Marseille. It will just be a matter of deciding where you want to stay in relation to all of the places you are interested in seeing. Aix-en-Provence offers a different experience than Cassis, Toulon a different experience from the Luberon region. The similarity between all of the places is that they are located within a topographically inspiring and diverse part of southern France where you will be knocked over by natural beauty around every corner. Marseille vacation rentals allow people to very selective when it comes to finding the right accommodation, including exactly where that accommodation is located.

Aix-en-Provence ranks among the top destinations near Marseille that people either visit as a day trip or as a vacation all on its own. You can find an Aix-en-Provence apartment rental in the downtown portion of the city or on the outskirts, depending upon what kind of trip you are putting together. As mentioned before, there is an Aix-en-Provence apartment rental for a singe person, a couple, or large groups. There are also homes for rent, and a variety of other lodging options including hotels and bed and breakfasts in Aix-en-Provence.

Marseille Sights

Marseille vacations provide an amazing experience for people of all ages. The oldest city in France is an important cultural center in Europe that has contributed much to the development of the arts, as well as trade and commerce in Western Europe. As such, there are many museums, opera houses, historical monuments, and cultural sights of interest spread throughout the city and the surrounding areas. It’s ideal location on the Mediterranean Sea in southeastern France also means that visitors will have ready access to all kinds of water sports and activities, as well as the beaches, inlets, mountain ranges, and deltas that are all a part of the composition of this lovely destination.

Marseille Vacations
Marseille Vacations

Better yet, there are Marseille vacation packages that help people realize significant savings on everything from airfare and car rentals to accommodations and sightseeing activities. Cheap vacations to Marseille from international destinations that require flights are usually only possible if you do plenty of advance planning and take advantage of all available discounts and incentives. A great place to start you vacation planning is with the booking tool on this page, which can help you compare deals on flights, hotels, packages, and more across several booking sites.

No matter where you end up deciding to book your Marseille vacation rentals, the one thing you will not need to worry about is having an amazing time in a beautiful location.

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