Marseille Weather

Marseille weather is generally pleasant for most of the year without too many deviations to an extreme, one way or the other. The Marseille weather forecast is pretty reliable from season to season in this region of southeastern France that enjoys Mediterranean breezes and hundreds of days of sunshine every year.

Marseille is categorized as having a Mediterranean climate characterized by dry and hot summers, as well as mild and humid winters. The average high for the entire year in Marseille is approximately 68 degrees and the average annual low temperature does not break below the 50-degree mark. January and February are the coldest months out of the year and July and August are generally the warmest on record. Even in the hottest month of August it is rare to see the temperature exceed 85 degrees. One begins to see right away that Marseille weather is accommodating to travelers during most times of the year.

As you are planning your trip, you are likely beginning to take a look at the Marseille weather forecast with some regularity. Precipitation comes at a premium in Marseille, which is welcome news for most folks. The heaviest concentration of rain is in the autumn and winter and most storms are short-lived. Winter only gets really cold when the “Mistral winds” that deliver cold air from the north enter into the city. Although nights get cold, frost and snow is very uncommon.

The spring sees a mixture of unstable Marseille, but still not a lot of precipitation or too much deviating when it comes to temperature. A sense of excitement and energy is in the air as the city prepares for the Carnaval celebration of March and the ensuing festivals and events that take place throughout the spring and summer. The twilight of the late spring and early summer months may be the best time to travel to Marseille, as the temperate climate and calming breezes from the Mediterranean implant a certain romance and intrigue into the air. It is at this time of the year when you will best be able to enjoy the beaches of the Mediterranean that are located in and around Marseille in places like Cassis.

The Marseille weather forecast is something that you should check up on periodically as you prepare for your trip, but if you pack in a versatile manner, you should have no problem adjusting to the weather once you arrive. It is mostly pleasant throughout the year. The best time to visit Marseille is very subjective, and you could make an argument that just about anytime of the year is a fantastic time to go.

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