Mont Blanc Map

A Mont Blanc map basically shows that this highest peak in the Alps straddles the border between eastern France and northwestern Italy. Not far off to the north is the southwestern border of Switzerland. Several cities and towns from each of these countries offer proximity to the mountain. Among the most famous are the French town of Chamonix and the Italian town of Courmayeur. In Switzerland, one of the closest cities is Martigny. A cable car actually ascends and crosses Mount Blanc, linking Chamonix to Courmayeur. The Mont Blanc Tunnel road also links these major ski resort towns. Martigny isn’t exactly a ski resort city, though it can be used as a connection point for getting to Chamonix or Courmayeur, as well as popular Swiss ski resorts such as Verbier.

A Mont Blanc map that highlights the ski lifts and trails that can be found in the area shows that there is no lift that takes people to the peak’s summit. Instead, the area lifts and trails provide access to lower areas that surround the lofty mountain. In Chamonix, for example, there are numerous lifts that provide access to different ski areas at varying levels. These ski areas serve as trekking destinations during the warmer seasons. The area ski resorts can provide visitors with in-depth trail maps that show such things as the configuration of the ski trails and where they lead. Having one or at least familiarizing yourself with such a map is recommended. It can help you choose slopes, trails, and the areas in general that best match your skill level and preference.



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