Antibes France

Antibes France is located almost equidistant between Cannes and Nice. It is an interesting and endearing location and a great stop on coastal tours. The many things to do in Antibes paired with area beaches and nearby hotbeds for French culture create a colorful itinerary where a heady mix of pursuits is possible. Antibes vacations are popular with tourists who aren't there to simply see the major sites, but want to explore the coastal front in more depth to discover all the little things that together make a big impact. Antibes beaches are a major appeal and best visited between June and September when temperatures are warm and rainfall is low.

Golden-sand Antibes beaches and warm, sunny weather are Mother Nature's bestowments in these parts. This glorious stretch of the renowned Cote D'Azur is said to have some of the best beaches of the region, and they are popular enough that they often teem with lively crowds during the summer months. The small yet excellent Old Antibes Beach is the safest and ideal for families with small kids who can play by the small breakwater. Much larger and therefore much busier, Les Salis Beach and the Plage du Ponteil are the main swimming and sunning beaches. Trekking through to find a tiny spot to call your own for the day can be almost impossible in high season in Antibes France. The beaches around Juan les Pins, just five minutes south, offer massive, sandy expanse and fewer people, making it well worth the trek. It's also a better place than Antibes beaches for water sports and there are plenty of rentals available. Antibes vacations offer plenty to do for myriad interests. As with many smaller French coastal towns, the heart of Antibes is best explored by foot.

Juan les Pins is like a sister-city to Antibes. It sits about five minutes south of Antibes, right on the water and part of Cap d'Antibes. Antibes is Juan les Pins more sensible and quiet side, famous for fascinating architecture and history, while Juan les Pins is the savvy, modern, and flashy counterpart where super yachts, flashy nightlife, and basic indulgent lifestyle. Jazz à Juan Jazz Festival draws thousands annually and is one of the top events on the coast. History shows the region was originally settled by Greeks who favored the exceptional access offered by the port, the largest one used for pleasure crafts in Europe.

Cap D'Antibes (Cape of Antibes) was a playground for famous celebrities between around the 1940s and 1950s. Today, it still hosts the very wealthy on Antibes vacations enjoying a prestigious location along with upscale shopping and other epicurean pleasures. The rugged and thickly forested Cap D’Antibes is a long peninsula that spans into the Mediterranean Sea. There is an exciting path winding around the cape that makes for a great morning or afternoon seaside hike. The Sanctuary de la Garoupe is another of the attractions found on the Cap. It is a fifth-century dwelling and a Russian cathedral that is the point’s landmark. The Cap in Antibes France is also dominated by a lighthouse that offers sublime views of the water and the surrounding coast.

From the fortified strongholds to the wild cape, everything in between these two points in Antibes are a delight to explore. A simple walk around the town, poking in and out of meandering alleyways and avenues, means plenty of charms to uncover and local secrets to unfurl. Antibes vacations present small-time charm so close to the draws of the larger, popular Riviera cities that the location couldn’t be more ideal.

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