Cours Saleya Market Nice

Cours Saleya Market Nice
Cours Saleya Market Nice

Cours Saleya Market Nice is an outdoor market in France, and a shining example of local color. Home to restaurants and the Marche aux Fleurs, this one-of-a-kind market is a short stroll from the beaches and the Promenade des Anglais.

You'll find so much more than flowers at this rambling shopping option in the heart of Old Town Nice. This is also a good place to visit to experience the people and produce of the French Riviera. France's National Council for Culinary Arts has chosen the Cours Saleya as an exceptional market. Along the way, you'll have the chance to savor the simple things in life, including the taste of the freshest produce and the scent of beautiful flowers. Fresh local produce is the main element on the local dining scene, and features lighter and brighter flavors than the heavy, rich cuisine known in the north of France.

Like many cities throughout France, the community market grew up out out of necessity. Before the advent of the supermarket, the farmers needed somewhere to bring their produce and the people needed food. But it's always been about more than exchange of goods—it's about community. Before this market in Nice France was constructed, the old ramparts had to be dismantled, creating space to walk. Even in the early 1700s, shortly after this happened, this area was favored by pedestrians who came to do their daily shopping, meet with friends, and people watch.

Many days have come and gone since the first farmers brought their harvest and the first merchants set up shop. In the centuries since, the Cours Saleya Market Nice has remained a center of Nice, still drawing local residents and visitors from across the world. With a solid history and a bright future, the Marche aux Fleurs and the other shops along this pedestrian promenade are must-sees.

No matter which time of year your vacations are planned, the market will be open. Six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday to be exact, the Cours Saleya Market Nice is just what you'd expect—a farmers market with the freshest fruits and vegetables. With a unique micro-climate and an abundance of sunshine, the fields and orchards of the Cote d'Azur grow some of the best citrus and most savory herbs you've ever tasted. The region is also known for its outstanding olive oil and fragrant lavender, both in abundance at this market in Nice France.

Lavender Fields France
Lavender Fields France

You might quickly forget you're in the middle of a city as stroll along the promenade bursting with blooms. While many of the farmers bring fresh fruit and vegetables to sell, many specialize in fresh flowers. The dusty purple of the lavender is complemented by nearly every color of the rainbow. You'll also find beautiful blooms of clematis, viburnum, wisteria, and other colorful flowers at the Marche aux Fleurs. Lavender is especially key to this region, though, as it is part of the famous herb mixture called Herbs de Provence.

Besides the traditional produce, the market in Nice France transforms into a flea market and antique fair every Monday. While the farmers have the day off, merchants and traders bring their treasures and diamonds-in-the-rough. Another unique shopping experience is available on summer evenings when the crafters and artisans set up tables.

While shopping is the primary activity along the Cours Saleya, you'll also find shops and cafes. Here, you can take a break and sample the local dining scene. Many of the chefs shop at the same market as their customers, crafting fresh Provencal food out of the local bounty.

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